Monday, April 2, 2012

The Last Wedding Till Our Own!

This weekend, we got to attend the wedding of one of Travis' best friends, Mike! The next wedding we have is ours! Yikes!!

Since the wedding was up in the Raleigh area, we stayed at the Marriott downtown. 

When we checked into our room, guess what I discovered?!

Yep! Our room number was our wedding date! AH!

Anyways, my friend Brittiany (whose bf was the best man) and I were not invited to the rehearsal dinner (!!! a whole other story!), so we had to fend for ourselves Friday we had a delicious meal at The Oxford!

Unfortunately, we also had a few too many glasses bottles of wine, so when we woke up the next day, we both felt terrible!

We somehow managed to pull ourselves together in time for the wedding, but I could not drink a drop of anything with alcohol at the wedding...not even champagne for the champagne toast! 
I still had fun though, and it was a beautiful wedding! 
Here are some pics!

The wedding was at Highgrove on Lake Laurel in Fuquay-Varina. It was a gorgeous venue!

Me and my girl Brittiany! Would not have made it through the weekend without her!

Personalized water bottles=my favorite!

Back of the house

This is where they had the ceremony. It was overlooking the lake and was so pretty!

My handsome groomsmen! Doesn't he clean up nicely?!

OMG. The flower girl dresses. I DIE.

Here comes the bride...thanks for blocking me with your cell phone, lady.

First kiss!

Pretty tables!

Sweetheart table

There were twinkling lights in the ceiling! So cool!

First Mike looks so happy!

Haha...please note that this wedding was the same day as the Final Four games. And you know Travis was not happy about that! Luckily, he has an app on his iPhone (of course he does) to watch the games! So all of the boys flocked over to our table for a little bit to check the score!

Cutting the cake!

Congrats, Mike and Brandy!! It was a beautiful wedding!!! 

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