Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Flowers!

Well, I just met with my florist (Lorie with Party Blooms...LOVE her!) this morning, so I am all sorts of excited about our flowers for our wedding!!!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely cannot stand roses, lilies, or orchids.  Which, are basically, like the 3 most popular wedding flowers, nobigdeal. No offense if you like those, or used them in your own wedding-they are beautiful, I just don't like them personally!

However, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE (times 100,000,000) peonies. OMG. 

Here are some bridal bouquets I love...

OMG, they are so fluffy and exquisite!!! AHH!

Moving along, for my bridesmaids, I wanted pink flowers, to match their pink shoes! I borrowed some actual bridesmaid shoes from Kathryn to show my florist and we decided that it would be best to include a range of pinks in their bouquets to make 100% sure the flowers would match the shoes (without it being too matchy-matchy) so:

Sooooo pretty! Eeeee I'm so excited to see everything come together!!

My flower girls will be carrying cute little pomanders (pink of course!):
{only theirs will have a navy ribbon, not white}

And the boys will have cute little pink boutonnieres (except Trav and the dads...theirs will be white!)

Whew! Are you tired yet?! 
PS, I was at this meeting for over an hour....oh, and we haven't even gotten to the decor flowers yet!!

For the church, I wanted all white:

{ps, yes I know there are lilies in this one, but it was the closest I could find!}

For the reception, since Bentley's has such beautiful views, we decided to keep it simple. 

We are going to do 2 tall arrangements on the 2 center tables:

And then small centerpieces on the majority of the smaller round tables:

{yes, ok I realize these are both pictures of super long tables, not round...but just picture one centerpiece on a round table}

Then, on the larger tables that are closest to the windows, we are just going to use Bentley's candelabras and have lots of candles going down the middle of the tables:

Ok, so obviously the finished product will look a little more put together than all of this, but I was just trying to find pictures off the internet that were close to what I am envisioning.
I can't wait to see how everything looks together!!!


  1. ahhhh all these photos are aaamazing!!! great choice on flowers! so beautiful!

    xx Kelly

  2. Love the flower choices you made. Peonies are so pretty!