Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Party!

Spring Break is over (tear!) and I'm back to my daily grind! I was SOSOSOSO productive during my break with all things wedding related! I promise I will share my little projects soon!
 We also had a wonderful Easter with Travis' fam--first a super yum brunch at his sister's restaurant, and then we did a lil shopping at Ikea! :)

But today, I can't believe I haven't introduced you yet to our FAB wedding party!!! We are so blessed to have so many amazing here they are:

Maid of Honor: 
Natalie (AKA Nataleeeeeeee!!!! with as many e's and !s as possible)
Natalie and I met because we joined Chi Omega and bonded because were the only education majors in our pledge class! We also moved down here to Charlotte together!!! She left me for Ohio after a year (boo!), but she loves this blog (right, Nat?!?!) and talking to me daily after our crazy days at school! The picture above is from when UNC won the National Championship in 2009! We were ON Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Cray. Cray.


Oh my little California girl. Liv was also a member of our fab Chi Omega pledge class of 2004! She was also on my college swim team with me! So Liv and I saw a lot of each other during those 4 years!!! Oh, and as if she wasn't sick enough of me at that point, we also roomed together in our sorority house senior year! Liv moved back to Cali after graduation, but I got to go visit her last year on my spring break. I had such a blast with her in San Fran and the surrounding wine country! :)

AKA Dirty Dana...although she might be the biggest germaphobe ever and Swiffers/vacuums more than anyone I know! Dana is one of my oldest friends...I met her as soon as my family moved to Ohio when I was a freshman in high school (yes, my parents hate me). Dana is probably the most directionally challenged driver, and as a fun game we would make her drive us through the most confusing development in our town because it would take her like 5 hours to get out of there (there was not a lot to do! HA!)!! Dana got married in 2010 and made me wear an Ohio State colored bridesmaid dress (blech!), but I survived, and now she is wearing a Michigan colored one for mine! HAHA!

AKA DUUUUDE. Angela is the quietest, sweetest person I know, so I'm not really sure why she is friends with me! But I also met Ang in high school and she accompanied Dana and I on our random car rides and multiple trips to Target. Angela, however, had a much earlier curfew than Dana and I did, so I feel like she missed out on the fun sometimes! Angela also taught me everything I needed to know about AIM (yes, instant the kids even use that these days?!) because she is very tech-saavy! Angela got married in 2010 also, and did not make me wear an OSU-colored dress, for which I am very appreciative. She did play "Hang On Sloopy" at her reception though :(

Kathryn has been mentioned probably the most on this blog! She is kinda my Charlotte bestie! I met Kathryn in high school, through Dana, but we kind of parted ways after high school! Thank god for Facebook, though, because a few years ago, Kathryn messaged me and told me she needed a friend in Charlotte because she was moving there! And here she is!!! We drink wine as much as possible (as you can clearly see in the photo above), but thankfully we now live 1.85 miles from each other (I ran by her house today so that's how I know!)!! She also threw me the bridal party of the century at her gorgeous mansion! 

Caitlin is Travis' younger sister, and I must say, she is HILARIOUS. I might like her more than Travis! (Ok, I kid....but it's close!) Caitlin is in culinary school, so she is super handy to have around....i.e., she carved our Thanksgiving turkey, she is making the groom's cake for me (right, Caitlin?!), she came to my classroom to help my kids decorate Christmas cookies....basically, she's awesome. The End.

And just because I can't forget about the they are, but I won't write as much about them because, well they're boys...

Best Man

Travis' dad! Apparently these 2 don't smile in pictures....good luck to our photographers!

Travis' friend from high school!

Travis' friend from high school, and Mike's cousin!

Another friend of Trav's from high school, and also Grady's brother! (Do you need a family tree?!)

Matthew is Trav's friend from college...and hot date to UNC sporting events when I don't feel like attending!

My baby bro! (Can't you see the resemblance?!)

And of course, we can't forget our sweet flower girls, my cousins: Gwyneth (age 5 1/2) and twins Blair and Margo (age 4)
PS-I def just stole this pic from their older sister's FB...I feel like a creeper!

And while we are making this the longest post ever...let me show you how I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding:

I took a picture of the 2 of us and cut it into puzzle pieces! 

Then, I wrote on another puzzle piece that I had cut out of cardstock: "There are many pieces to planning a wedding...this one includes YOU!"

The I put all of the picture's pieces on a baggie tied with a ribbon-polka dot, of course!
I totally can't take credit for this idea...I'm pretty sure I either saw it on Pinterest, or another blog!!

Anyways, I'm super excited because I will be seeing 4/6  of my bridesmaids (Liv and Kathryn we will miss you!!!) this weekend for my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!! WOOHOO!!! 
I'm so excited!!! I'll be back Sunday to post about that, if I am still alive and breathing!!!

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  1. The puzzle-piece idea was a brilliant way to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid! I’m sure she said yes. Who wouldn’t accept such sweet and creative proposal? Anyway, I hope your wedding was as perfect as it could be. Cheers!

    Matt Fisher @ Nomad Events