Monday, May 14, 2012

My Ohio Shower!

OMG I'm blogging and it's not even Wedding Wednesday! STOP it! Who's proud of me?!?!

Anyways, I had so much fun this past weekend in the great state of Ohio for my second bridal shower!! Since I have so many close friends and family up north who weren't able to come to my Charlotte shower, Natalie (my MOH) was sweet enough to throw me an Ohio shower!!! 

I made the LONG trip up to Ohio on Friday (8.5 hours blaahhhhh), and was greeted by Natalie and her presh poochie, Bailey!!!

Natalie's *awesome* bf, Cap (aka Brian) was nice enough to grill ALL of the chicken for our chicken salad!!!! Thanks Cap!! :)

Saturday was my shower!!! We had it at my aunt's gorgeous house!!! Here are some pics of the food and set up:

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we had a mini photo shoot outside...

{Fun fact: the 3 of us graduated from college 5 years ago on the day of my shower!!!}

Once everyone got there, we played a game...or actually I played a game to see how well I knew Travis!!! I only didn't know 4 of the answers, so I guess I know him pretty well (and one of the questions he didn't even know the answer to!)!!!
{haha...trying to guess the answers...IONO}

And then....the standard awkward pictures of me opening presents...UGH...

{Natalie got these for me...she said I should change my blog to "Keep Calm and Have a Mini Cupcake"! Haha}

{This is the most atrocious picture ever, but even I find it hilarious, so I am putting it up for all to see} 

{Tara got me this super cute apron! LOVE!!}

{My sweet little flower girls/cousins were so helpful...they handed me each present, and then they basically opened the presents for me! HA!}

{Group shot! Minus Aunt Joanne who got stuck taking the picture!!}

After the shower, Dana came out with Natalie and I for a few drinks!!! 


Annnddd...of course, we stopped at Sheetz!!!

I had so much fun seeing some of my best friends and family this weekend, especially those I hadn't seen in a long time!!!
The next time I will see most of them will be for my wedding in one month!!!!! AHHH!!!

I'll leave you with Natalie, modeling for us the versatility of her bridesmaid's dress:

{Left: day (duh); right: night/wedding look!}
PERF! A dress that can be worn again! :) 

SUCH a fun weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

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  1. Ahh I love the pictures!! Esp the one of Natalie at the end haha!