Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Hair and Makeup!

Ahhhh, another Wednesday closer to the big day!!! There aren't too many Wednesdays left, which is probably good because I am starting to run out of wedding-related things to write about!!!

The other day, I had my hair and makeup trial with Kymm from Who's the Fairest....she is awesome! My photographers recommended her to me, and I'm so glad I decided to book her!! The pictures of the final result she created at my trial aren't the best (took them with my phone and the lighting wasn't great), so I'm not going to put those on the blog, but I will share some inspiration for my 'do!! 

Ok, so obviously, I'm not going to look like Carrie Underwood/Eva Longoria/Taylor Swift on my wedding day, but hey, I can dream! But Kymm did do a fab job with my side-swept chignon! :)

For my bridesmaids, I'm leaving it up to them...but I found this picture and immediately pinned it because I loved all of the girls' hair styles!!!

Haha soooo they are all sporting the side-swept chignon also...we might all have the same hair style!! Except Natalie...from what she described to me, it will look something like this: (am I right, Nat?)

AND she will look just like Carrie!! :)

As far as makeup is concerned, I want something natural, but a little bit of a dramatic eye. Kymm is going to use fake lashes, which I am excited about because I don't normally wear those!!

Ok, so basically, I want to look like Carrie Underwood (and have my friends look like her, too!) on my wedding day!'s not my fault she's gorgeous and has great hair/makeup in every picture of her ever!!!

See ya next Wednesday (or maybs I might pop in sometime before for another update!)!!!! 
Woohoo 3 day weekend coming up!!!!!!!!!

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