Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids' Dresses!

I don't know about you, but there's nothing I love more than searching through a bunch of taffeta to find some ugly dress that somewhat looks good on 6 different body types. 

{of course they would make a show about this!}

Bridesmaid dress shopping was less than ideal (as I'm sure it is for most people). Since 5 out of 6 bridesmaids live out of town, poor Kathryn had to be my go-to guinea pig for the bridesmaids dress experience!!! (And no, I'm not going to thank her by posting all of the awkward pictures I made her take in each dress! You're welcome Kathryn!!) 

We made several trips to J. Crew (I was determined to have their dresses be from that store!) until I finally said screw it and went to David's Bridal (as much as I hate that store) and picked out a sweet $99 dress. 

Let's back up....I knew I wanted navy dresses because I felt like that was a classic and flattering color. Also,   I knew I wanted the dress to be something the girls could (hopefully) wear again. 

Enter first shopping trip to J Crew...

J Crew's chiffon material in navy was waayyy too dark! I mean, it looks almost black, doesn't it?!?! And I don't really like chiffon anway...

J Crew's taffeta was too light (it was more "royal blue" than "navy")...and too shimmery! 
(OMG I feel like I am in Goldilocks and the 3 Bears! Sorry!)

Then, the cotton cady material was the perfect shade of navy, and not too shimmery, but there were NO styles that were cute/flattering/not hideous!! 
(see above, wtf is with that little crumb catcher thing?!)

So that was trip 1....THEN, we decided to go back to J Crew a few months later when they got their fall collection in, to see if there were any new cotton cady designs that were a little more flattering....and there weren't. 

Heartbroken that my bridesmaids dresses were probably not going to be from J Crew, we ventured to a bridal shop to see what they had to offer. We found not one acceptable dress.

Ready to give up, I went--by myself--one Sunday, randomly, to David's Bridal. I know what you're thinking--EW, David's Bridal. I KNOW. But I was getting desperate here!!! I found a cute strapless cotton dress (in the "just right" shade of navy)...and BONUS, it even had pockets!!! I tried it on, thought it fit fine and would look great on everyone....check, check and go

Best part: IT WAS $99!!! You can't beat that!! 

So glad THAT part of wedding planning is long behind me!! 
My girls are going to look so purdy in their pink shoes (that's a whole other story) and their pretty pink flowers!! 

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