Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Music!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!! 
I've {almost} survived EOG testing week!!!!!!! Yes, testing has impacted even us little people in kindergarten....a week of no specials!!! THANK GOD only 2 more days of that craziness!!!

Anyways, this week I'm talking ALL about the music! Mostly because on my recent trip to Ohio, I spent the entire 17 hours in the car listening to potential wedding "must-play" songs! 

{what the dance floor better look like!}

We are having a DJ-Spintastic Sounds!! The people at Bentley's actually recommended them to us and the DJ, Todd, was super nice and not pushy at all when I met with him. 
(Sidenote: some of the DJ's I met with were insane!! Like, they had "party motivators" come with them to get people to dance. Uhhhh if some stranger came up to me randomly at a wedding, that would make me not want to dance!)

Anyways, I wanted a DJ instead of a band because I wanted them to play the real song-not just hear a band's version of it. Plus, I feel like DJs are more versatile and can play more songs than a band! 

I really hope our DJ is as awesome as our venue claims, and that everyone dances!! I'm so scared people won't dance!! 

Hopefully, there will be plenty of great songs played....


(our first dance song!)

Here Comes the Sun 
(Father/Daughter Dance)

{I listened to potential songs for like 2 hours one night, and this one was the song that made me cry the least}

{Cupid Shuffle always gets me dancing!}

Annddd then of course my obsession with hardcore rap will come out....

{California Love...always a classic}

{Raise Up...I mean hello, the marching band plays it at UNC football games!}

{Back That Thang Up....oh heyyyy freshman year of high school, when I learned all the words to this fine piece of music)

{Ni**as in Paris...for all the times I say, "that sh*t cray"}

And, I'm sure our DJ will mix in some other songs, so we have something for everyone....
Just no "Hang On Sloopy," or any of that Chicken Dance nonsense....

Got any good dance songs that our DJ should play?????

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