Monday, October 30, 2017

So Many Halloween Things!

I'm pretty sure we jam-packed as many Halloween-themed activities into this past weekend as possible!!

Starting on Thursday night, we had Trunk or Treat at our church!

Lucas was most interested in this sweet doggie!

People went all out for this Trunk or Treat. I wish I had taken pictures of each car! One car even ordered pizzas and was handing out slices to the kids! I also really liked this beach-themed set-up!

(The car next to it has a black tarp over it because they set up a full-blown, walk-in haunted house! In their car!)

Friday morning we had a Halloween play date at April's!

Ella was at preschool, but Lucas had fun with everyone!

Friday afternoon, we met up with Mackenzie for Trick or Treating at the Promenade on Providence.

After a quick outfit change, we met up with Trav's family for Auntie Caitlin's birthday dinner!

Lucas freaking LOVED hibachi. He couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough. I'd say he probably ate a good 85% of his food, which if you've ever eaten at a hibachi restaurant, you know that is a LOT of food!

Saturday morning, we had Trick or Treating with Penelope at Quail Corners!

After that, we drove to Matthews for the Not So Scary Halloween Festival.
Except, it ended up being scary when Lucas lost one of his shoes! 

Luckily we found it after retracing our steps!!
Ella also convinced me to wait in the longest line ever for this carriage ride.

The horses names were Shenaynay and Moses, which Ella thought was just hilarious!
Are you tired yet?! Because after this, we went to Trick or Treat Street at Blakeney! 
Ella got to ride in a police car...

...and on a police motorcycle!

Both kids also got to sit in the fire truck! (Not like they've ever done that a time or two...!)

Lucas's favorite thing at Blakeney was the service dogs they had there! He loved petting them, and they enjoyed giving him lots of slobbery kisses! 

Yesterday, Edward Scissorhands helped me carve pumpkins!

Thankfully, both kids picked out fairly simple designs!

We also went to yet another Trunk or Treat...this time at Ella's preschool!

It was absolutely FREEZING!!!!

We ended our fun weekend by going to the Hornets game (Lucas's first one)!

Lucas was so into it for about 5 minutes....then he just wanted Ella's popcorn!

And that's a wrap on our busiest weekend ever! Everyone slept really well last night! 

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