Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another Day in the Life

I can't believe it has been almost a YEAR since my last Day in the Life post.
I freaking love a good DITL (that's Day In The Life, in case you're like me and bad with acronyms) post, so when I saw that the next Show and Tell Tuesday was DITL, I haaaaddd to document! So here's a look at last Friday, October 6!

6:30 AM: Good morning to me. 

Yes, I really do get up at this time, Mom! I've learned that if I don't get up and run when everyone else is still asleep, it usually doesn't happen! 
I will occasionally sleep in on Mondays and/or Fridays (the hands-down hardest days for me to get up!) if we don't have something going on that morning and I can run outside later with Lucas. But this Friday, we did have plans, thus the 6:30 wake up time! 

6:45 AM: Treadmill time

I'm so incredibly lucky that we have a treadmill at our house so I don't have to get up even earlier to drive to the gym! 

7:20 AM: I'm about 2 miles away from finishing my 6 mile run, when I hear a little voice on the monitor. 

This sweet boy makes a mess in our bonus room helps me finish up my run! 

7:45 AM: Ella's clock turns green at 7:30, so she is already in our room and has yet again convinced Daddy to let her watch an episode of Paw Patrol. Lucas joins them when he's done "running" with me  for some milk and cuddling!

I take a shower and get ready as fast as I can while these 3 are still in bed. 

8:05 AM: Paw Patrol is over and everyone is out of bed. Time to brush teeth!

8:20 AM: Breakfast for both kids. 

Pretty much every morning they get a waffle with peanut butter and a bowl of yogurt. I eat a Balance Bar and make coffee!

8:25 AM: Trav leaves for work and always waves to Ella! 

(Yes, she still eats breakfast in just her undies!!)

After breakfast, I have about 10 minutes to clean up the disaster Lucas has made with his yogurt (he won't let me feed him anymore, so it's literally like a yogurt bomb has gone off in my kitchen) and get both kids dressed. Thank goodness I am already dressed and ready myself, or else I'd have to roll up to preschool in my pajamas (this may or may not have happened a few times before, though).

9:05 AM: Preschool drop-off

Ella's preschool technically starts at 9, but let's be real: that's the time I'm pulling out of our driveway if I am lucky! Thank goodness her school is super close; otherwise, she'd definitely be late every day! It's SO hard to get everyone dressed and out the door! 

9:20 AM: Back at home, I put on make up if I haven't yet, and make our bed. Lucas "helps" by getting into as many bathroom drawers as possible (anyone know of an easy way to child-proof these?!).

This is the time I will go run outside with him in the BOB if I haven't run yet...but we had things to do this day!

9:35 AM: I have a little laundry assistant who is helping me put away his clothes!

10:05 AM: Off to the store!
He ripped his shoe off about 3 seconds after I got him in the car seat. Every time. I'd estimate I probably spend a good hour a week putting this kid's shoes on. 

10:15 AM: Trader Joe's run!

Lucas very much enjoyed his pumpkin waffle sample. We stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some things for dinner to take to my friend who just had TWINS!

11:15 AM: We made it to my friend's house and Lucas is mostly interested in her dogs.

Such sweet little babies!!! Ahhhhh I love them!

12:35 PM: My friend and I couldn't stop talking (this happens to me a LOT), so I had to majorly book it to Ella's preschool to get her by 12:30! 

I rolled into the parking lot on 2 wheels, a few minutes late, but thankfully there were other cars in front of me in the car line and Ella wasn't the last kid there. That's always my biggest fear: poor Ella just sitting there by herself! 

12:45 PM: We make it home, unpack, and Ella shows me her artwork she made at school...

...while Lucas eats lunch!

1:30 PM: NAPTIME!!!! So glorious! 

Ella wanted to pretend she was already sleeping and asked me to take her picture "with the flashlight."

During nap time, I eat lunch, clean, read some blogs, and try not to buy things on Facebook groups. 😉 Today, I also catch up a little bit with my Bible study....

...and organize my Pinterest boards!

I am a big loser, I know. But I couldn't find recipes because they were all lumped onto one board, so I created different boards for soups, salads, crock pot meals, fish, pasta....I was pretty proud of myself. And then, the kids were still sleeping so I decided to tackle my teaching pins too. Now they're all thematically organized. :) I know you are as excited as I am about it! 

4:30 PM: Both kids took CRAZY long naps today, so I woke them up at 4:30.

Lucas is mad, but I promise he got over it quickly. 
{Pro tip: our sleeping consultant said to never let your kids sleep past 4:30! So I always make sure they are awake by then, so they will go to sleep at night!}

5:00 PM: Time to run some errands!

Trav's sunglasses got a little messed up when we were in Curacao, so we took them to Nordstrom to get fixed. If we don't have any errands to run that day, we usually go to a nearby playground! 

6:00 PM: My friend knows it's time to eat, so he tries to pull himself into his high chair.

While they eat dinner, Ella loves to FaceTime my parents or her bestie Mackenzie! 

This is somewhat of a miracle, but while the kids were eating dinner, I actually started making Trav's and my dinner. This night, I made stuffed peppers, and the kids ate these leftovers the next night for their dinner. 

I just cannot at this stage of life get dinner on the table for 4 people by 6 PM. And since Ella won't eat anything anyway, its kind of like why even try? So for now, my kids eat leftovers, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, or basically whatever I can get them to eat at 6, and then Trav and I eat after they go to bed. 

6:35 PM: Bathtime!

Trav hasn't gotten home yet, so I give them both a bath...but if he's home, he loves to give them their bath! 

7:00 PM: Both kids get their PJs on, hair brushed, and Lucas gets some milk. We read quite a few books during this time, too!

Daddy finally gets home and changes real quick before letting the kids jump all over him! 

7:15 PM: Time for bed! Lucas always crawls into this position in his crib and it cracks me up! 

Guess who wanted another picture with the "flashlight?!"

Trav and I eat dinner, catch up on the day's happenings, and then he decides to watch baseball. I would personally rather watch paint dry (whyyyyy is baseball so boring?!?!?), so I head upstairs to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey and fold some laundry--woo hoo! 

11:00 PM: Baseball game is over so Trav comes upstairs, and we watch our favorite weekend show, Live PD. Have you guys watched this?!?!? OMG, it's such a train wreck but we are SO into it. 

I'm usually asleep by 11 most nights, but since it's Friday, I stay up a little bit later knowing I don't have to get up at 6:30 the next morning (I can sleep in till like, oh 7:30...WOW!).

Hope you enjoyed a little peak at a normal day around here! 

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