Monday, October 2, 2017

Lately | October

Happy October, friends!

I haven't done a "lately" post in quite a while, but I'd thought it would be the best way to discuss all of the random things going on right now!

Wearing: Almost 6 weeks after the Lilly sale, I am FINALLY receiving what I ordered! I still have a few things I'm waiting on, but I have been wearing my new Lilly stuff pretty much nonstop lately. I know they are not the most "fall" clothes, but whatever. 


Reading: I read these books while we were away in Curacao:

Do you think I like biographies a little bit?!

Turning the Tables was was written by Teresa, so who really knows what actually happened to her in prison, ya know?!
The Magnolia Story was really interesting. Love Chip and Joanna, and I'm sad this is their last season of Fixer Upper!
Secret Sisters was written by my neighbor and friend, Joy Callaway! I thought it was really, really good and as a former Chi Omega, I loved reading a story about how sororities got their start.
Superficial I started on the plane on the way home, so I haven't finished it yet. We shall see if I actually do now that I'm home and have zero time to read!

Thinking: How horrible the news from Las Vegas was this morning. My former swim coach's husband is a police officer in Vegas (he is safe) and I just cannot even imagine what everyone there is going through right now.  Praying for everyone involved in that mess.

Craving: All of the pumpkin things! I went to Trader Joe's on Saturday was basically a kid in a candy store. Pumpkin Joe-Joes? Need those. Pumpkin {walks into a} Bars? Ella and Lucas definitely would want me to buy those. Pumpkin cheerios? I mean, what else is Lucas supposed to snack on?! I really had to restrain myself from buying every single pumpkin product in the store, whoops.

Loving: That the weather has finally cooled off and it pretty much feels like fall! Thank goodness most of my Lilly stuff is long-sleeved ;)
I actually even ran OUTSIDE this morning for the first time in months and it wasn't even HOT! 🙌

Watching: I'm really liking Real Housewives of Dallas so far. And I've been into Dancing with the Stars, even though I originally thought the cast was a little stale this season. I think Lindsay and Jordan (from Hamilton) will win.

Planning: Kathryn's baby sprinkle!! We are doing a "sprinkles" theme and I'm super excited; I think it will turn out so cute!! {Pinterest board here}

{I'd love it if my kitchen looked like this on party day!}

Which reminds me, I need to send out those invites!!! (I'm on top of things over here, Kat!!! 😜)

Happy Monday, and Happy October! 

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  1. I love the sprinkle idea for the baby sprinkle and who can resist all the pumpkin things at TJs? I'm glad your friend's husband is safe. I have family out there and it is such a tragedy. Jess at Just Jess