Monday, October 9, 2017

Ella's Dream Weekend

If Ella could create her perfect weekend, I'm pretty sure it would be the weekend she just had.

First up, Saturday was her best friend Mackenzie's birthday party! 

Not just any birthday party...a rainbow birthday party! Ella and Mackenzie have been talking about rainbow birthday parties since this summer, and I'm not sure who copied who, but Ella is also going to be having a rainbow birthday party come February!
So of course I took pics of all the decorations so I can copy in a few months ;)

Can you tell Mackenzie's mom used to be a teacher too?! So many fun activities! 

Lucas found the chalk instantly and got completely covered within 3 minutes.

Ella had so much fun at all of the different rainbow stations!

They also had a fun little photo area set up!

After eating chicken nuggets...

...and donuts (Mackenzie requested, instead of cake!)... was piñata time! Ella had no clue what a piñata even was before this, so it was interesting to say the least! 

She was so excited when the piñata finally broke open and treats fell out!

Thanks for a super fun party, Mackenzie!!!! We all had a blast!

So if that wasn't enough fun, Sunday we went to Disney on Ice. This year, it was all about Frozen, so of course Ella had to wear her Elsa dress!

Lucas was surprisingly into it! 

And yes, that's a smocked Frozen outfit. I have a rule: no characters on clothing (unless its underwear or pajamas), except if it's smocked (and I guess princess dresses too)! Yes, I am ridiculous. Anyway, I had been searching high and low for something like this for him to's a 2T so it was enormous, but it worked!

Dare I say my husband was into the show as well?! 

We had a small photo shoot during the intermission!

I'm not going to think about how many germs Lucas picked up by gnawing on the back of that seat. 😖

Such a fun weekend, especially for Miss Ella!!! She was on cloud 9 all weekend long! 

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