Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends! I actually made it to Ella's preschool pickup a whopping 15 minutes early (I know, I can't believe myself!) so I thought I'd whip up a quick 5 on Friday!

1. We had TWO pumpkin patch trips this week, the first of which was just me and Lucas on Wednesday to the Hunter Farm! Lucas loved every second, especially the wagon ride and trying to poke the sheep in the face. 

{He also enjoyed trying to get in the cow's water trough, too. This boy...}

2. So while we were at the farm, I noticed this crazy bug bite on my foot that would not stop itching (yes, I was the idiot who wore sandals to a farm because it was too freaking hot for other shoes!). By the time I drove to lunch with some of my friends, the bottoms of my feet were burning itching, so I wiped them off with some baby wipes, thinking maybe the grass was irritating them or something? Well, throughout lunch, my itching kept getting worse, my eyes were super red, and by the time I picked Ella up from preschool I had completely bloodshot eyes, a rash/hives all over my stomach and back, and could not stop itching EVERYWHERE. It was awful. We got home, I put both kids down for their naps, and took a shower and some allergy medicine to calm the itching. Then I noticed I could barely swallow. My mom (a nurse practitioner) said I needed to get a shot or IV stat, so luckily Travis was able to rush home from work so I could go to urgent care. They gave me a steroid shot, as well as a 5 day steroid prescription. It took me till the next day to be able to swallow normally again, but I'm happy to report I'm doing just fine now! And you better believe I will never, ever wear sandals to a farm again! 

3. Yesterday, we went to another pumpkin patch (this time I wore sneakers!), Hall Family Farm. We met up with Ella's bestie from preschool and everyone had a great time! I especially had a blast now that I wasn't itching like I had the chicken pox. 

{Lucas was mad he didn't get a ring pop!}

4. We are going YET AGAIN to the pumpkin patch tomorrow (this time with Trav!) and I'm so excited for our 3rd trip in less than a week (no, really, I'm excited)!
Here's a look at our trip to the pumpkin patch last year...look at these little babies!!!

5. I'm thinking about turning our front room into a play room. We have a "play room" so to speak in our bonus room, but we also have a treadmill, weight bench and wall-to-wall built in shelves up there, so it's getting pretty crowded. Our front room has been basically empty since we moved in almost 2 years ago, so I thought why not?!

Here's what I am working with (so embarrassing, do not judge me):

And my inspiration:

{Pinterest board here!}

I'd also love to put french doors on the entrance to contain both the kids and the mess!!
Should be a pretty easy, low-budget project, right?!?! (Famous last words!!!)

Happy Friday!

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