Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lucas and Ella's Easter Baskets

I can't believe Easter is this Sunday already!! I thought I would give you a peek at what my kids are getting from the Easter Bunny this year!

1. Puffs | Because, duh.
2. Golf applique romper | I found this amazing girl through my Lilly Pulitzer Kids B/S/T Facebook group who makes adorable clothing using Lilly fabric and I knew I just had to get something for Lucas! She makes the cutest stuff, and it's all really reasonably priced, too! Ella and I both have clothes in this Southern Charm fabric, so now Lulu can match us, too!
3. Guitar | I found this at a consignment sale but I know Lucas will love it...he's been really into any and all things musical lately.
4. Octopus dive sticks | One of our friends had these at a play group, and I discovered they make great that's what we will be using them for! And then, whenever Lucas decides to stop teething, we can use them at the pool as dive sticks!
5. Bunny book | I ordered this through Ella's school book order, but found some similar options here and here
6. Sandals | Homeboy is about to start walking any minute and his Freshly Picked moccs that he got for Christmas aren't really cutting it in this warmer weather. I thought these were cute and you can't beat the price! 
7. Teethers | My friend recommended these and they are so cute! Lucas puts pretty much everything in his mouth these days, so it's no coincidence that half of his Easter presents are supposed to be put in the mouth! 

1. Books | We ordered these through Ella's preschool. She really wanted over $200 worth of books (yes, that was the amount in my cart after she made all her picks), but we narrowed it down to 2 Paw Patrol workbooks {similar}, an Easter Story, The Feel Good Book, and Frozen Fever.
2. Air Rescue Marshall | She hasn't stopped asking for this since her birthday. Because we don't have enough Paw Patrol toys...
3. Paw Patrol water bottle | I really like this kind; she already has a Frozen one, so I thought we should get another one for summer!
4. Frozen eggs | Found these at Target in the Dollar Spot!
5. Frozen goggles | We lost her goggles last summer at the beach, so she's in need of a new pair. Might as well be some sweet Frozen ones.
6. Paw Patrol bubbles | Found these in the Target Dollar Spot as well, but also found some similar ones here.

I will definitely be adding some candy/eggs in their baskets as well (even though Lucas can't eat his...oh well, more for me!)! Anything else I forgot?! 

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