Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 47}

We have been having such a fun week! There are so many fun Easter things going on this time of year and we've been trying to do as much as possible! 

Last Thursday was Ella's egg hunt at preschool. 

Lucas was mad he couldn't participate! 

Friday, we decided to kick off Spring Break 2017 by heading to the pool! 

Both kids love swimming! I am so excited for summer!

Saturday, they were giving out free Paw Patrol stuff at Target, so you know we were allllll over that!

On our way home, we saw the Easter Bunny! I still can't get over how much Ella loves the Bunny this year!

We went home, picked up the boys, and went to Black Lion to see the Easter Bunny there!

This was the best picture I got. Boo. I was a little disappointed! I thought the set up was a little awkward, and the bunny was a bit more creepy than last year's. Oh well!

On Sunday, we had an Easter egg hunt at church!

Both kids are legit professionals at this point! Ella got SO many eggs!! This was by far the best luck we've had at any Easter egg hunt ever! 

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that we spent a ridiculously large part of our weekend watching the Masters and eating pimento cheese sandwiches. 

Monday morning, we had no gymnastics! (Spring Break) So we went to ISC to practice gymnastics anyway with our friends!

Poor Ella. She couldn't stop coughing the entire time we were there. Her allergies have been giving her a run for her money this week. 

We also stopped by the library and picked up some books I had reserved. I'm all for browsing the library, but we can never find any of the books Ella I've just started reserving them online and then we go pick them up when they come in! 

Tuesday, we had a park playdate with some more friends! 

Yesterday, I picked up a morning shift at the Y. Lucas thought he was so cool, getting to hang out in the preschool room for a little bit!

We also, miraculously, made it to our church story time after I got off work! Look how excited Lucas is to listen to the story! 

We ended our week with some play time outside yesterday afternoon!

Oh! And I did meet a few of my friends for a glass (or 3) of wine last night. Have to document, because this is such a rarity! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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