Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 49}

I can't believe we have just 3 more of these posts!! 
Although if I'm being honest, I'll be SO glad to be done with the weekly pictures. It is an act of congress every week to get them taken! 

Last Thursday, big sister was making this "beautiful" picture at preschool...

...while little brother stayed home and helped me with the never-ending laundry. Doesn't he look so excited?!

We also played at the park...

...and got Lucas's golf cap in the mail! He's going to wear it for his upcoming cake smash pictures. 

Unfortunately, this is how he feels about it. And also he won't leave it on his head for more than .2 seconds. So that's fun. 

On Friday, we decided to hit up the strawberry patch again!

A lot had changed in the 8 days since we had last been there! Lucas finally figured out that he needs to eat the red berries (not green ones, or leaves/dirt/straw)....

...and the berries were so much bigger and juicier! Crazy that they ripen so much in just 8 short days!

Oh, and see all those school buses behind Ella?! Welcome to my life. Any time my friend Chelsea and I try to take our kids somewhere, there ends up being at least 85 school groups there too. We thought we'd be safe last summer when we took the kids to pick blueberries (It was July! No school!), but nope...there was a daycare group there! Ha! 

Anyway, thankfully the school groups didn't bother us too much and we were able to eat pick our strawberries in peace. 

Oh and of course we got more strawberry slushies!

We had a super low-key weekend. I had to work Saturday morning, so Trav took both kids on a walk up to get ice cream! Ella can seriously get her dad to do just about anything! 😉

In the afternoon we spent lots of time outside playing, since it was going to rain for the next 3 days!

Lucas walked up and down and all around the driveway with his walker. It is the best thing ever...if you have a soon-to-be walker, I highly recommend this one!! 

On Sunday, I finally got around to putting up a baby gate. I still need to put up one more on the steps in our bonus room...but for now, at least we can trap Lucas in his room and he won't fall down the stairs (that are literally right outside of his door...I was standing on them to take this pic)!

Also of note on our boring Sunday, Ella was beyond excited when I found....wait for it....PAW PATROL YOGURT! I found it at Walmart of all places.

Y'all know I do NOT do Walmart...but I had to go there because they have super cheap plastic golf balls, and I needed approximately 113 of them to make this:

Yes, I know the bottom looks shoddy. I still have to cut it to make it even. But it's for Lucas's birthday party, yay! Little by little, things are getting done around here!

Monday meant gymnastics! It was Ella's last class before her little recital next week, so she spent a lot of time practicing her different routines!

I think this guy wants to take gymnastics lessons too! 

Tuesday, Lucas and I went to story time while Ella was at preschool. Of course he was completely humiliated with me taking his picture. 

And to be even more of a crappy parent, I totally forgot our shopping cart cover, so he was basically swimming in the top of the Target cart. 

Yesterday, we went to church story time, and there was a fire truck outside! They happened to be visiting the daycare at our church and we totally crashed their visit!

The fire fighters didn't know about Marshall (WHAT?!), so Ella had to tell them all about him! 

Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch and played at the park for a little bit!

I think all of our playing outside has caught up with us...both kids' allergies are at an all time high today (Ella even got sent home early from preschool!). If you have any allergy remedies, please send them my way....for Ella, we have been doing children's Claritin and local honey, but obviously Lucas can't have either of those. 
Hopefully everyone will be better by Saturday because we have Lucas's cake smash pictures!!!! Eeeek!

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  1. I am so impressed you made it 11+ months without baby gates!