Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 46}

Another week in the books! 
Can you believe this guy's birthday is in just SIX weeks!?!? Time, slow down!!!

We kicked this past week off with a trip to the store to get some birthday party materials!

Lucas isn't sure what to think! 
We are doing a golf theme ("Hole in ONE Par-tee!") and you can check out my inspiration on Pinterest here!

We had a rare afternoon where we just hung around the house, so Lucas decided to go for a run crawl on the treadmill...

...and I got a bunch of my teaching stuff out of the attic for Ella! She loved these dot markers that I completely forgot I had! 

Friday, we went to ISC to play. School was out for the kids here, so we had to share the space with some of the bigger kids, but it worked out ok. 

Lucas just loved watching his big sister on the balance beam!

Friday was also Lucas's first time in the infamous car cart at Harris Teeter!!! He LOVED it!

Saturday we had to dress in our best UNC outfits for their Final Four game!

We had lots of outside time...Trav cleaned out his car and the garage, I cleaned the entire back screened-in porch and both kids played while we worked! 

Lucas had started waving the previous day, so I had to make it baby book official and took a pic with his "I can wave" sticker on!

...And while we had the white onesie on and camera out, I did the "I can talk" sticker too. He has been saying "Dada" more and more lately, while looking at Trav, so I think it's finally time to count it!

Sunday was our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! Last year, it was freezing and rainy but this year we had perfect weather! 

Ella loved the bounce house! 

So our neighborhood does 3 different egg hunts, depending on the kid's age: 0-2 years, 3-5 years, and then 6 and up. Lucas's had his egg hunt first! Trav just kind of picked him up and plopped him down wherever there was an egg. Lucas wanted to put all of them in his mouth, so he definitely needed lots of help getting those eggs into his basket!

Next up was Ella's egg hunt! She was new to this 3-5 age group, and being one of the younger ones, didn't get a whole lot of eggs. She was also slightly distracted by the Easter, not crying, she LOVED him! They were BFFs. 

I'm so glad Kathryn and Penelope could join us, too! If you're wondering about some of these nicer pictures from the day, no I didn't bring my fancy cam! Kathryn took these with her iPhone using the portrait feature! Makes me want to get a new phone, even though I just got mine less than a year ago! 

Monday was National Championship Day!!!! 

Ella wore her "lucky" UNC dress, and Lucas had a 9 month football jersey on because I needed to do his laundry!

These boys will be future roomies at UNC one day...just wait! 😉

The game was on so freaking late. I told myself I'd fall asleep and wake up at the end...and it was such a terrible game, I don't know how that didn't end up happening. But no, I stayed up the whole time. Travis was downstairs literally freaking out, especially the last few minutes. Pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard him yelling "COME ON!!!! DEFENSE!!!! BOX OUT!!!!" 😜 He's so insane. 

But they won, so YAY!!! We woke Ella up at the very end to see all of the confetti and everything. Look at her. 

She's literally like, "WTF guys. I want to go back to sleep." 
But Trav said this only happens once in a lifetime (never mind the fact this is UNC basketball's fourth national title in my lifetime...and I am only 31!), so she needed to witness it. Trav and Ella also called Trav's dad before we all watched "One Shining Moment" and finally went to bed. I am still recovering 4 days later! 

You know on Tuesday we had to rock even more Carolina attire. Yes, Lucas just wore that bubble 3 days prior, but I had washed it and it matched Ella's dress!

We went to a little workshop given by this occupational therapist, and I am telling you, she is like a miracle worker or something because Lucas stood up for a solid 3-5 seconds all by himself!!!! And of course, I didn't even get a picture of it! 

Later that day, after a massive blow out (hence the outfit change...I guess he didn't want to wear the same thing twice in one week!), he started climbing up the stairs!!!

Like, what in the world Lucas. Slow down. I haven't even baby proofed yet!!!! 

Yesterday, we had our story time at church where we learned all about Palm Sunday. Pretty sure the people in Bible times didn't eat the palm fronds, though, Lucas. 

He also got to ride on the "donkey" which was just about the funniest thing ever.

And just for good measure, afterwards, Ella helped me pick out some wine at Trader Joe's 😉

Whew, what a week! Looking forward to even more egg hunts and springtime fun this weekend! 

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