Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pregnancy Must-Haves

I'm home from school two hours early (thanks to some snow that hasn't even fallen yet--gotta love living in the south!), so I thought I'd share some things I couldn't have survived pregnancy without...

If you have any morning sickness, call your doctor ASAP and get yourself a Zofran prescription. It is a lifesaver! 

Before you get the Zofran, though, think of what helps you the most when you're hungover (because morning sickness is like one BIG hangover that will. not. go. away.)...

For me, that was Chipotle...
{lately, I've been enjoying it on my built-in shelf...AKA my belly}

 ...and LOTS of fruit snacks.

{I prefer Welch's in the big box from Costco...2 packs at a time}

While we're on the topic of food, I must say that Oikos Greek yogurt is the absolute BEST
and not just because Uncle Jesse/John Stamos is on their commercials. I actually crave this yogurt; my fav flavors are cafe latte and caramel macchiato! Yum!

When all else fails, just have a big glass of cold water.
I seriously have never drank so much water. Only cold water, though. It must be ice cold

Moving on, I could not have slept without this body pillow.

Stretch mark cream is also essential!
Palmer's is my fav and I haven't gotten a stretch mark yet! 

You will also need TONS of lotion because your skin gets really dry...
and if you're lucky enough to get PUPPP like me, hydro-cortisone cream will be your BFF!

This book really helped me out LOTS when registering for baby stuff...

They do a great job of telling you what you really need and they give ratings to every baby product possible!

My friend, Dana got me this book when I first found out I was prego, and it's super funny to read (a nice break from all of the medical/doctor talk)!

If you're not a book person, or just constantly on your phone/iPad, you MUST get the Sprout app!

They show what the baby looks like at each week and it is SO cool!

So there you go!!! Lots of great things to get you through those 40+ weeks of fun!

PS-We got out of school over 2 hours ago and it's still not snowing!??!
PSS-Happy Birthday to my Dad tomorrow!!!!!

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