Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bumpdate {37 weeks}

We are really in the final stretch now! 
Baby Ferg is *technically* FULL TERM!

I know they've recently changed full-term to being 39 weeks, but I'm going to pretend I didn't get that memo and say that she is welcome to come any time (although I don't think she will for a while)!!!

Size of baby: a winter melon
Weight gain: Sooo according to the doctor’s scale, I weigh 157 pounds! Yikes!! So I've gained, ohh….37 pounds :/ In my defense, I was wearing boots AND my heavy Michael Kors watch. So maybe I’m only up more like 35 pounds? Whatever, I don’t care anymore.
Maternity clothes: Yes, and this week I have officially graduated into wearing Travis’ t shirts to sleep. My maternity clothes are also getting super small (see above picture)!
Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: Yes she is still rolling around in there! I love when I can see her little arms or legs sticking out of my stomach like a little alien baby. She’s also been getting the hiccups more frequently and it just cracks me up to feel her little body twitching so rhythmically in there!
Cravings: Tomatoes and chocolate as usual…also I haven’t had Chipotle since last weekend, so that may be what I need to get for dinner tonight.
Symptoms: Ok, I managed to get my rash and itchy belly from last week cleared up, but it’s still itching from time to time because my skin is SUPER dry. I've been getting headaches and heartburn more frequently. This isn't really a symptom, but my belly button is super flat and almost an outie…it looks so weird! Mostly, I am just super uncomfortable. I don’t even know how to describe it…like I am constantly wearing a fat suit? With a 6-8 pound ball pushing on my bladder? Super fun.
Workouts: I think I walked about 8 miles this week, but I’m over this whole exercising thing. :) I’m going to try this thing called “being a lazy bum” for the next few weeks. I’m pretty excited about it.
Labor signs: I’m adding this one this week because I am now full-term (!!!!) and should be having labor signs. I got checked at the doctor on Thursday, and no such luck. {Less than 1 cm if you are really curious!} I am still having these period-cramp contractions, but they haven’t gotten stronger or more frequent than last week. They are just annoying. My doctor told me she thinks baby will be late…yay. 
Sleep: I am lucky if I sleep for 6 hours these days. First of all, I am not tired when I try to go to sleep. Then, I am still struggling with getting comfortable and then getting comfortable again after I get up to pee. I honestly pee like 5+ times a night, its ridiculous!
What I miss: Sleep?! My body. My clothes. Everything!
Best moment this week: Putting in the car seat! I figured it out all by myself (I was pretty proud) and now we just need to get it inspected to make sure I did it correctly! It’s so weird to drive around with that thing in the backseat (although, I've since taken the car seat out and just kept the base in…I heard if you get in an accident with the car seat, you have to buy a new one)!   
Looking forward to: We are getting another ultrasound on Thursday because now little lady is measuring small. I am praying everything is ok, but excited to see her again!!


  1. You look so great!! Can you even believe how close you are to holding that sweet girl in your arms?!?

  2. I had no idea they changed the definition of full term. Hope you aren't too miserable - I know exactly how you feel! It'll be here before you know it. Try to sleep now! :)