Friday, January 17, 2014

Bumpdate {38 weeks}

I'm going to try to do these updates on time (every Friday) from here on out since we are getting SOOO close to baby time!!! 

{I'm super excited that I only have to take a few more hideous pictures of myself!}

Size of baby: a pumpkin
Weight gain: OMG. I had 2 (yes, 2) doctor’s apoointments this week (more on that later). At Tuesday’s appt, I was up to 156….and by Thursday, I was up 3 more pounds to 159! I’ve never seen these numbers before!!! Woof and woof. Who gains 3 pounds in 48 hours?! I do, apparently.
Maternity clothes: What do you think?!?
Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: She has slowed down a little bit this week, but still rolling around in there! Every time I lean over, I can feel her trying to adjust herself…I can imagine its getting crazy crowded in there!
Cravings: I’ve wanted a lot of fruit lately. And still anything with tomatoes (which I guess is also a fruit) or chocolate.
Symptoms: My itchy belly came back hardcore last Sunday! The hydro-cortisone cream that had worked 2 weeks ago was not doing the trick, so I finally called the doctor because I literally could. not. stop. itching. They had me come in on Tuesday (hence, the 2 appts this week). Apparently, I have PUPP, which is a common pregnancy itch/rash but is harmless to me and baby, other than the obnoxious itching. The doctor wrote me a prescription for something to make the itching stop, and it actually worked…after just one pill! Magic! I just hope the itching stays away from now on!!
Workouts: Officially made it through week 1 of being super lazy. See also: weight gain.  
Labor signs: I got checked yesterday…and I’m making progress!!! I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I realize that this is not really a labor sign, though, because some people don’t do anything till they have crazy strong contractions, and other girls I've talked to have been whoa dilated for weeks before they went into labor. I am continuing to have spontaneous period-cramp contractions, but my doctor told me that I have at least another week (if not more) till baby actually graces us with her presence. 
Sleep: With the cray cray itching, I hardly slept Sunday and Monday nights…plus, every time I got up to pee, I couldn't fall back to sleep because I kept itching more! Now that the itching is gone, I have slept GREAT the last few nights!
What I miss: Doing simple things without my big belly in the way….like washing the dishes without my back hurting, putting on shoes (and pants, leggings, underwear, etc), wiping….yes sorry, TMI, but all of my day-to-day functions are getting tough!
Best moment this week: Our ultrasound yesterday! Even though my stomach is measuring at 35 weeks, the ultrasound showed that baby is measuring right on track and is around 6 pounds, 15 ounces! Her back is now over on my right side and her feet are on my left, so she has flipped over a little bit since our last ultrasound. She was sucking on her hand pretty much the whole time, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. We didn't really get any good pics, but here is the best one I got:

This was actually taken the split second she took her fist out of her mouth, and was sticking her tongue out at us!
Looking forward to: Meeting this chica!!! Hoping it’s sooner rather than later…


  1. You are ALL BABY. I love that you had an ultrasound so close to your due date (and glad that all is on track). Won't be long now!!

  2. SO close!!! Hope the next couple of weeks go smoothly!!