Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Weekend

I usually don't do weekend recaps because we never do anything extremely exciting, or worth writing about.

But this weekend was kinda fun! Well, as much fun as it can be at 38 weeks pregnant.

First, you all know my obsession with Real Housewives. A few years ago, I met Adrienne who used to be on RHOBH and then last year I met Teresa from RHONJ. A few days ago, I had the TV on in the background and heard a commercial announcing that Kathy from RHONJ was coming to Charlotte this weekend. So of course Kathryn and I went to see her! 

Kathryn even got to go up on stage and make cannolis with her. (I was too nervous.) The cannolis were really good, ps. You should buy some. Baby Ferg got to eat one and she really liked it. :)

After her little demonstration, Kathy and her husband, Rich, signed autographs and took pics with everybody. They were sooooo nice! 

She asked me all about my baby and wanted to know if we had any names picked out. She also asked us where were good places to eat in Charlotte and kept saying how nice it was here! 

She was def the nicest housewife I've met, out of the 3 of them! 

The best was getting home to an email saying she had re-tweeted Kathryn! 

I don't really do Twitter (I seriously didn't even know that was my Twitter handle, haha), but this was pretty exciting!!

Saturday night, Travis got us suite tickets to the Bobcats game. 

They were playing Miami and it was sold out! I've never seen the arena so crowded for a Bobcats game! 

Sadly, the Bobcats lost, but it was a close game and even went into over time. 

On Sunday, Trav decided he wanted to have friends over to watch football. I got to hang out with this cutie, who is another potential boyfriend for Baby Ferg! 

I think she may have kicked him a few times (gently) while he was sitting on my lap. 

Yesterday, I celebrated MLK by doing hours of grading papers and writing maternity sub plans. Yay. And I'm still working on them...any teachers who've gone out on maternity leave have any tips for making this less painful?!? 


  1. I don't watch Real Housewives but that is super cool she re-tweeted your picture! :)

  2. I love Kathy! I am quite jealous you got to see her.