Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bumpdate {36 weeks}

Happy Sunday friends! 
This week was highlighted by some *fun* pre-term contractions and then a lovely, insanely itchy rash that appeared when I decided to put a new kind of lotion on my belly. Don't stray from your skin care regimen, ladies! We also had our childbirth prep class yesterday, which was a total waste of time (NOT was 7 hours of stuff I already knew!)! So I'm sorry if this post sounds super whiny...but it's been kind of a long week! 

Size of baby: a honeydew
Weight gain: If my scale is correct (which it rarely is), I have gained about 33 pounds. Considering I haven’t gained much weight the past 2 weeks, I guess I’ll take it. I mean, how much more can I gain in 4 weeks (famous last words, right)?!
Maternity clothes: Totes ma-goats.
Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: I love feeling her move and kick, but sometimes, good God! She is forceful! Take a 5 pound weight and drop it on your stomach—and you’ll have an idea of what it feels like! My favorite is when I’m driving and she decides to beat me up….your mama is a really bad driver as it is, baby girl, don’t cause me to get in a wreck!
Cravings: Same old…last week I could not bring myself to eat hamburgers and hot dogs at our tailgate, so I stopped and got Chipotle to eat instead!
Symptoms: I am pretty sure I had, literally, every pregnancy symptom possible this week. Ready? Headaches, nausea/morning sickness, shortness of breath, fatigue, super dry skin, crazy itchy belly (and scary rash!), cramping/pre-term contractions like whoa (Monday night I really thought I was going into labor because they were so constant!), insomnia, sciatic nerve pain, inability to go #2 (sorry! TMI!), heartburn/indigestion, forgetfulness/pregnancy brain, feeling the need to clean and nest 24 hours a day. I now feel like a 90 year old, when you ask them how they’re doing and they go on and on about all of their health problems.
Workouts: I managed four 3-mile walks again this week. Because of the pre-term contractions I’ve been having, I think from here on out, I’m just going to take it easy and walk when it’s ok for me to walk. I still want baby to stay in there a little bit longer, and I don’t need to get on that treadmill to walk her out just yet!
Sleep: I’m still having a hard time falling—and now staying—asleep. I just cannot get comfortable to save my life. I get up probably 3-5 times a night to pee. My itchy belly also wakes me up from time to time…it is so annoying!
What I miss: While I don’t miss the hangover, New Year’s Eve just wasn't the same with out some real champs.
Best moment this week: The rug coming in and getting the nursery almost done! I’ll be posting pictures super soon! Also, I’m so excited it’s 2014 now so I can say “I’m having a baby this year!”  
Looking forward to: Finishing up the last few details in the nursery…we are so close, y’all!!
Now if I could just stop itching this belly....


  1. Love that last picture! Only a few more weeks to go :)

  2. Sorry you had such a rough week! You have every right to whine away :)