Friday, January 24, 2014

Bumpdate {39 weeks}

Yes, I am still pregnant.
Yes, I am a whale.
And YES, I am uncomfortable!

Size of baby: a watermelon…HUGE!
Weight gain: Umm I am up another 2 pounds this week, bringing my total to +41 lbs. YIKES. I thought you were supposed to lose a little weight at the end?!
Maternity clothes: I literally have about 5 shirts that still fit me {this white one obviously does not} and maybe 2 pairs of pants. Thank God for leggings!
Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: Yep, she’s still rolling around as much as she can in there! The hiccups are my favorite. She has been getting them almost every night lately, right when I am trying to go to sleep. It just cracks me up. I know I’m going to miss all these little movements when she’s out in the world!
Cravings: Still really liking fruit. And lemon/lime things, which I haven’t craved since the very beginning of this pregnancy.
Symptoms: My belly has still been itchy on occasion, but the meds and creams help out a lot! I also got told at the doctor's that my ankles are looking "a little puffy," and my rings are super tight. But my main symptom is just that I am so freaking uncomfortable ALL of the time!
Workouts: Yeah, not so much. I may start walking again soon to get this baby out of me though…
Labor signs: Um, nothing. WTF. I have not dilated anymore since my previous appointment and the doctors still don’t think she’s going anywhere for a while. Still have some cramping, but nothing super intense or timeable.  
Sleep: Go ahead and strap a bowling ball onto your belly, and try to sleep on your side. Not fun, right?!? Oh, and then get up at least 4 times throughout the night to pee, and try getting comfortable again…yeah, it is safe to say sleep has been less than stellar lately!
What I miss: At this point, I've been pregnant so long, I don’t even know what I miss anymore. I guess my regular clothes, since I see them hanging in my closet daily and none of them fit?!
Best moment this week: My sweet 4th grade team threw a diaper shower for me at school yesterday, which was awesome! And then today, my room mom had a shower/party for me and my students! They tried to guess when Baby Ferg was going to make an appearance…most of them said between February 6-10. UGH, come on you guys. One kid even put 2019…um if I had to be prego for 5 more years, I’d probably die. As if that wasn’t enough love for Baby Ferg, this afternoon, Travis’ work threw him a shower which I got to attend as well! He was so surprised (he hates surprises, but luckily, he was nice about it) and we got tons of great stuff for baby! We are so lucky!! :)
Looking forward to: Baby Ferg making her grand entrance into the world!


  1. You look great! Hope you get to meet her soon!

  2. You are so cute pregnant! Sad I can't see it in person :(

  3. Psssh you do not look like a whale! You look great!! Hoping she makes an appearance soon :)