Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm back again for 5 random thoughts on this lovely Friday!!!

1.  I went to the outlets at Gaffney last weekend with the hopes of finding some discounted nursery stuff at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet. I found nothing, but I did order this cute rug for baby's room from Rug and Home!

Now I just need to find some coordinating curtains! Oh and paint the room...and get a crib...and a glider....

2. I've decided to copy one of my fav bloggers and do Soup Sundays in the fall! So far, I've made...

They were both delicious and highly recommended!!

3. On Sunday, we went to see our friends' new baby! Baby Thomas is the sweetest, tiniest baby ever and I know he will be Baby Ferg's boyfriend someday ;)

4. Speaking of Baby Ferg, you know she has got to have some cute clothes to impress her boyfriend, Thomas (because I haven't bought her enough already)! After our doctor's appointment yesterday, I mayyy have swung by Gap to pick up a few things (on sale!) for her...because she totally needs more clothes. 

Jacquard dress...sold out online 

5. My sweet, loving husband informed me the other night that we have to attend a gala for his work at the end of the month. It is black tie (he has to get a tux), but we all have to wear tennis shoes with our fancy attire. Add to that mix the fact that I will be 27 weeks pregnant....what the hell am I supposed to wear?!?! I bought this dress off Amazon, but I am afraid it won't be dressy enough because it's made out of jersey-knit material. 

I want the dress to be long so I can hide the fact that I am wearing freaking tennis shoes
Any thoughts?! I guess I'll be searching for something all weekend....!


  1. Tennis shoes with formal attire?? That sounds like some work function! Where are you from? The Gaffney outlets are only about an hour and a half from where I live! I've been thinking about making the trip to look at Pottery Barn, but it's good to know that they didn't have much! Hopefully closer to Christmas they'll get some good stuff (or all the fall stuff will go on sale for next year! ;-))

  2. I've been meaning to try that lasagna soup!

  3. Dress that dress up with fancy jewelry and you'll be set!

  4. You can definitely dress up that dress! The color is gorgeous! Happy to be your newest follower!

  5. Get some big blingy necklace from BaubleBar!! That will dress it right up. Maybe you can spray paint the shoes glittery gold or silver??