Monday, October 7, 2013

Bumpdate {23 weeks}

Sorry I am, once again, late in posting this. Part of the reason was because when I made my chalkboard, I originally wrote "24 weeks." And I am 23 weeks. I don't even know how pregnant I am anymore. #pregnancybrain

Size of baby: a grapefruit
Weight gain: Sooo I really have no clue. My scale is still reading between 133-135, even though I weighed 134 at the doctor’s 3 weeks ago. I’m going to say I’m up 15 pounds and I’ll let you know for sure after my doctor’s appointment Thursday!    
Maternity clothes: Oh for sure! Still trying to squeeze into the last of my regular clothes. The belly band is still working for pants, but it is not exactly the most comfortable option!
Gender: A GIRL! And she’s starting to get quite the wardrobe to prove it! :)
Movement: Her kicks were really strong earlier this week, but since Wednesday, she hasn’t been as active. I can still feel some teeny, tiny kicks, but not the jabs she was doing before. I really want her to kick more strongly again so Travis can feel! 
Symptoms: On Wednesday, I had some MAJOR “period cramps” (which I later found out were probably Braxton Hicks contractions...yay). I was realized that I hadn’t felt her kick all morning and then with these contractions, I thought something might be wrong. I called my doctor, who reassured me everything was fine.  I guess babies’ movements are still not regular at this stage, and it’s perfectly normal to feel Braxton Hicks in the 2nd trimester. So I was relieved. Other symptoms? Heartburn/indigestion, Charlie horses in the middle of the night, and…dare I say it? I’ve felt a little nauseous a few times this week. If this morning sickness is coming back, I will DIE. 
Workouts: 16 miles again this week! It is definitely getting harder and harder…and taking me longer and longer. My new goal is to keep running until the 3rd trimester! Only 4-5 more weeks! I think I can do it!
Sleep: Good for the most part. I am now getting up 2-3 times on average per night to pee, but luckily I fall right back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up on my stomach and freak out that I’m crushing the baby….but there is just no other comfortable way for me to sleep!
What I miss: I want to run outside!!! But I can’t….unless there are porta-johns along my running route. This bladder thing is ridiculous. 
Best moment this week: I went to Target this week and this child LOVED it as soon as I walked in the door! I’ve never felt so much movement in there! Glad I have a little shopping buddy who loves Tarjay like her mama! 
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor Thursday! Can’t wait to hear this sweet girl’s heartbeat again!