Monday, October 21, 2013

Bumpdate {25 weeks} & Gender Reveal Pics!

One of these days...I'll post these updates on time (aka Fridays). I'll also write about some stuff not related to my baby. 

But, today is not that day. Sorry!

Size of baby: A cauliflower…she’s getting so big!
Weight gain: I think I am up about 2 pounds this week. Woof. Bringing my total to about 17 pounds so far.
Maternity clothes: Yep! This week we got to wear jeans all week if we paid $5 for breast cancer research, so I have been living in my maternity jeans. Regular jeans, not so much…even with the belly band, they are super tight and uncomfortable.
Gender: A GIRL! 
Movement: Still lots of movement from this little lady! Travis still has not felt her though, because she always stops moving when he puts his hand on my stomach! What the heck, Baby?! Are you scared of your dad or something? He’s nice, I promise! Another reason he hasn't felt her is because she is more active at school than at home…she must really like to learn!    
Cravings: I have really, really, really wanted a big turkey sub this week. I may have to cave in soon and get one! Don’t worry; I’m still craving pasta hardcore and eating it for pretty much every meal. 
Symptoms: Well, I had to take some zofran on Thursday because I was dying of nausea, but the rest of the week, I felt fine. Round ligament pain is returning, but the heartburn seems to be lightening up.  
Workouts: Ran my 16 miles again! I may have to cut down my mileage soon…but I’m still aiming for 4 miles day, 4 times per week.  
Sleep: Pretty good although at times, I am starting to get uncomfortable. I keep waking up on my stomach, afraid I’m squishing her! Oh, and of course I’m still getting up at least twice each night to pee.  
What I miss: I love these fall evenings, but they are just not the same without a nice glass of wine or some pumpkin beer. I don’t even think I've ever had pumpkin beer before, but I would really like some now!
Best moment this week: I found an item on my registry (Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, which retails for $50) at a resale shop for $12! Thanks, Angela, for the heads up! :) 
Also I enjoyed beginning to organize this chica’s closet and build her some storage shelves.

Gotta make room for all those clothes I've been buying! 
Looking forward to: Meeting this little lady! Can you believe January 31 is only 102 days away?! We are almost in the double digit countdown!

Also, I must share with you some pictures (finally!) from our gender reveal party last month!!! I didn't want maternity photos (pay $100s for pictures of me looking like a giant whale?! No thanks.), so instead I decided to have our wedding photographers come and take pics at our gender reveal party! As per usual, Matt and Leslie did not disappoint and I'm so glad we had them there...they even made us a video! Be sure to watch made me cry! You can see the video and the pictures by clicking here, but I'll share some of my faves with you now....

That's all for now!


  1. Your party looks adorable! And for the record, you look amazing! I almost didn't do maternity pictures but finally took some at 38 weeks and I really cherish them now :)

  2. I love reading about Baby Ferg! The pictures and video are amazing. Loving that you used your wedding photographer.
    You are looking great :)

  3. oh my stars...already saw these pics from the keener's blog today. love love LOVE. y'all had the cutest theme!!!


  4. Haha I love that you are craving pumpkin beer even though you've never had it!

  5. Such a great idea bout the photography!! You've got great pictures / a video to remember the pregnancy AND the reveal - genius!!