Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up for another 5 on Friday...I haven't done one in a while!

1. First, thanks SO much for your help with baby girl's nursery! I think I'm leaning towards gray walls with pink rug and curtains....maybs something like this??

{Note: this was stolen off of Pinterest...I am not talented enough to make some sort of collage like this, let's be real}

I also really still like the idea of pink walls with navy curtains and rug...decisions, decisions!

2.  My students are seriously the sweetest kids ever! Look at the loot I scored from teaching this week:

One boy brought me an owl onesie! And another sweet girl let me borrow her mom's baby name book! And another girl wrote me a whole long list of names I should consider. I guess they want me to pick a name for this little lady already! Kids are so funny.

3. Literally the day after we found out Baby Ferg was a girl, I rushed out to the store to start shopping! First, I headed to Shower Me With Love, which is THE cutest store!
The little girl I nannied for this summer had an "owlie," which she took everywhere with her and it was the cutest thing ever. Well, I found an owlie for Baby Ferg!

I also got her a super cute UNC dress...

and a UNC book...with real pom poms inside and everything!

Seriously, if you live in or near Charlotte, you must go to Shower Me With Love! They have the best stuff in there!!!

Amongst the other clothing I've bought for this little peanut are....

This Lilly Pulitzer dress (for Auntie Natalie's wedding in July)!

And a few things at Gap...

Oh and all of this too....

I thought I was done, but then I found these sleep sacks on sale at for $10 a piece!!!

Oh and THEN, I found this adorbs swim suit at Target for $4.50! How could I not?!?!?

Ok, that's all for now with cute baby clothes. I promise!

4. I finally got my act together and put out some fall decor! Fall is totes my fav season!!

{yes, that's our new tv, and yes, I just noticed it's off-center, and yes now it's totally irritating me}

Ehhh...not Martha Stewart, but give me a break, I'm prego (and also super busy at school)!! I really need to just buy some cute fall garland and string it up all over my house....

5. I'm so excited we don't have a football game to go to or a huge party to host this weekend! It will be so great to just relax (and maybe buy more baby clothes?!)!!!


  1. hey girlie!!! found your blog on the happy to be a your newest follower!! :)

    umm...what PRECIOUS baby stuff you got. what a blessing!!! ...and!...i'm a carolina girl too. that little dress is too darn cute! ;)

    LOVE your fall mantel. looks great!! so festive!


  2. I love the 'owlie' cute. You did a great job of stocking up for your little lady!