Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Bling and a Puppy Partaayyy

I could have used about 190384 more hours of this weekend! Even with the rain/crappy weather, I was pretty busy!

Unfortunately, I couldn't run at all this weekend....because, guess what?! My knee is hurting again! AHGDHLKD!!!! I'm going to see my mom's guy in a few weeks, so hopefully he'll fix me and I'll be running again in no time!

But what I did do this weekend....

Well, first Diamonds Direct was having their big sale this weekend!

{and why yes, I did lean out of the car in the rain to take this pic!}

Since my engagement ring and wedding band are from there, I decided Travis needed to go during the sale to get me an anniversary band! He made me come with him, but I'm actually glad I did...the ring that was said to be the exact same as my wedding band actually looked a little bit thicker to me (and the salesperson)! Because I am borderline OCD/seriously picky, I couldn't live with two different sized rings. So they are going to ship it to the jewelry designer, where they are going to match the wedding band exactly for a "custom" anniversary band! Thanks Diamonds Direct! So if you see me in the next 6 weeks with just my engagement ring, you now know why!

After that excursion, it was time for Miss Dame's first birthday party!!! 
Dame would be Kathryn's dog, in case you didn't know.

Here is the birthday girl! Complete with birthday sash.
Sorry I couldn't get a better pic....dogs are super hard to photograph!

Do y'all remember that crazy bridal shower Kathryn threw for me?
Girlfriend needs to become a serious party planner, because she pulled out all the stops again for her puppy.

{ok, well I helped...I made that sign!}

This is what Kathryn and I did while we were in Charleston the night before our crazy race...we made a Pinterest board for this party and started planning! HA! We are SOO cool! 

Dame loved her dog cake!!!!

She even shared some with her brother, Guinness, also...

She also made some new friends! 
This is Smoke...he is a rescue and was absolutely precious!!!

Kathryn with both of her children.... 

I bought Dame a new elephant, since that is was her favorite toy. 
I think she likes the new one! :)

Yay! Happy Birthday, Dame!!! 


  1. I LOVE over the top pooch parties! Check this party that my friend threw for her pooch!

    1. Omg that is TOO cute! I love the Lilly Pulitzer theme! We may have to use that as inspiration for next year!!! :)

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