Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Monday

I've had a few requests for some of the delish things I've been making lately, so here ya go!

Most of these things aren't full meals, but sahhhhryy I've been on kind of a salad kick!

Last weekend, Travis grilled some BBQ chicken (he made up his own recipe) and I made this salad to go with was amaze!

For my one actual meal that I've made in the last week, I was practically forced to make this sweet and sour chicken by one of my teacher friends...I'm so glad she highly recommended it; it was very messy, involved and time consuming, but so, so delicious!

To go along with that deliciousness, I made another salad....this bad boy was SO good that I actually made it again later in the week per Travis' (and my) request!

Please make this'll thank me later. You can also throw in some chicken if you want to make it more of an actual meal!

And then, I decided to get ready for Easter by making this stuff that has been all over Pinterest:

Mine looked slightly different than above, because all of the Harris Teeters in South Charlotte were out of pastel M&Ms, so I had to use pastel Reese's pieces instead. Still amazing.

Tonight, we had this for dinner:

Instead of the honey mustard sauce, somebody really wanted the polynesian sauce, so I made that instead, following this recipe

...with (you guessed it!) another salad! My mom should be so proud of me!

I'll be back soon to tell you all about our busy Easter weekend!!!

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  1. Umm I totes blogged about the sweet and sour chicken weeks ago singing it's praises! It's so much work but soooo yum!