Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday {Engagement Pics}

Sorry to be so MIA! 
I'm totes not planning on only blogging on Wednesdays, but life has been a little hectic lately! And also boring....i.e. spending 3 hours and a small fortune at Sherwin Williams this weekend, but that's a whole other post in itself!

{my life right now....these paint chips make me about want to hurl at the moment!} on my Wedding Wednesday train of fun, it would make the most sense to talk about what to do once you get engaged, but that's not really fun (but if you are interested, there are great articles here and here) I'm skipping ahead to talk about engagement pictures! Which is wayyyy more interesting, in my opinion. 

{Oh HI! That's us....sorry I'm not sorry!}

Have you seen this post on Buzzfeed?! Please refer to as what not to do for engagement pics...these are all revolting and I hope none of these people paid their photographers.

My favorite?!

Yikes....Okay, so moving on to the good ones. Hopefully, you've found a great photographer (which I'll also give you some tips for one of these Wednesdays) and a super cute outfit (or two) picked out. If not, I am def not a stylist, so click here for all of that info!

Your location is key! Pick somewhere 1. pretty, 2. unique, and 3. personal. We went to Chapel Hill, since Travis is from there and, didn't know if you happened to notice, but the boy is oh so slightly obsessed with the Tarheels. Kind of a no-brainer.

Cute ideas for locations:

-the Old Well at the University of North Carolina
{the whole campus works, too! I guess I'm biased}

-or I guess, any college campus is pretty gorge, and personable, if its where you went! (Unless it's Ohio State. Sorry Dana.)

-the beach

-or just a lake
(love the dock, reminds me of a Nicholas Sparks book/movie!)

-anywhere with pretty white lights

a fun graphic wall in the city
Ummm...heyyyy Nick and Andrea! (yes, I know them!) They're getting married next week!

And don't forget about all of your cute little props, so you can put these pretty little pictures on your Save the Dates!

{ughhhh totally wish we had done this!}

{this might be my favorite. EVER.}

Ok, so now that I want to have another photo shoot with my husband.....(he prob doesn't though!)

Cheers to it being {almost} Friday-eve!!!

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