Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great Honeymoon Debate

It really shouldn't be this difficult to pick out a honeymoon destination! 
If you've been with me thoughout this wedding planning process, you know that I ALWAYS get stuck choosing between two things. 
First, it was this venue versus this one
Then I couldn't decide between two dresses. Then I couldn't decide between 2 churches. Then I couldn't decide between 2 bridesmaids dress colors. Then I couldn't decide between 2 florists. Then I couldn't decide between 2 cake bakers. Then I couldn't decide between 2 invitations. Seriously. 
Basically, I am not good at making decisions. 

And now, I can't decide between 2 honeymoon locations! 
Will you help me?! 
Here is the deal: 
We are all set on going to Aruba. It was not a third world country (my MUST) and it had a Sportsbook (Trav's must...ugh, don't ask!), plus it had beautiful beaches and we wouldn't have to worry about hurricanes. 

We even had our hotel picked out and our whole trip planned! We were going to stay at this 4-star resort and do all-inclusive so we could booze and eat to our heart's content! Plus, the resort even has it's own private island; the boat leaves right from the hotel lobby and there are bars and restaurants on their island that we could enjoy as well. So we were like yayyyy ARUBA!

BUT THEN...Travis found this amazing Living Social deal on Monday for St. Maarten/St. Martin. 

{just as gorgeous, right?!}

FYI, St. Martin also is not a third world country, and also has a Sportsbook. But, basically, in St. Martin, the hotel that comes with this deal is only 3 and 1/2 stars (oooo, a whole 1/2 star difference, I know), but the reviews on Expedia and Trip Advisor sound a lot worse than the Aruba hotel! But everyone I know is like "Ohhh you should totally go to St. Martin!" I know there would probably be a bit more for us to do there (like we could take ferries to Anguilla and St. Barts because they are nearby), but do I really want to do all of that on my honeymoon, or do I really just want to relax? Plus, the resort in St. Martin is all-inclusive, but I don't know if I would want to do all-inclusive there because I've heard the food on the island is so great! But then, St. Martin has a lot more culture than Aruba, which I like. But then, can those Living Social/Groupon deals be trusted? And do you think the resort will be more crowded with everyone buying this deal?

And here's the real kicker....the St. Martin trip is $900 cheaper than Aruba. My fiance is a financial me, if there is $1 to be saved on this honeymoon, we will be saving it! 

So, if you were me (and Travis), which would you pick:

With the private island 
(this is a picture of it...with flamingos! GAHH!), 
nicer reviews, higher star rating, but I need to convince Travis to spend $900 more...


{Oh yes, I forgot to mention...the hotel is right next to the airport, so while you are laying on the beach, planes are literally flying like 2 feet from your face! Relaxing?!?}

We can stay for $900 cheaper at a not so nice hotel, but get to explore a bit more of the Caribbean and culture.

What to choose, what to choose....
let me know what you would pick! 


  1. Aruba, hands down. The privacy and relaxation will be worth every single penny of that $900. That's all you will want to do!

  2. Convince him to spend the $900 more! I've never been to either of these locations, but ya get what ya pay for and honestly, on your honeymoon, you most likely won't be wanting to do too much exploring and much more relaxing & sleeping! We were exhausted! Aruba looks amazing and the perfect relaxation spot!