Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random {Somewhat} Wedding Related Things...

Happy Hump Day friends! I don't know about you, but I am SOOOOO ready for this week to be over! 3 day weekend coming up-woop woop!!!

I have been getting SEVERAL packages in the mail!!! I just love getting mail...and getting packages is even more fun! 
First this week, I got my WEDDING SHOES! proud of me...because they are $298 at Nordstrom, but I found them for {only} $180 at!
I wore them around my apartment for about 2.5 seconds and then quickly put them away before Travis came home from work (he needs to be surprised in all aspects of my wedding day look)! But they were super comfortable!! :) 

I also got this Christmas ornament...yes, I do realize Christmas was almost 3 weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure to get an ornament for our engagement year before I forgot! 

I'm so happy with how it turned out:

I ordered it from here...and I can't wait till next Christmas. I'll have to get a "Just Married" ornament AND a "First Christmas in Our New House" one, too!!!

I also FINALLY got my k-cups (Trav was excited about that one, too!) and my Vistaprint order that I posted about last week--I loooooove Vistaprint! Everything I have ever ordered from them turns out way better than I expected!! :) Yay for fun mail!!!

Now, onto my DIY projects! 
First, I saw a teacher friend making these for her wedding, so I asked her where she got the letters. I want to make them, too, but maybe instead of moss, put flowers on? Like this, maybs? Only in different colors....

 She got the letters at Joanne Fabrics online....but unfortunately, they only have "weird" letters (U, X, etc.) and not M and T! I'll just have to keep checking can check back too for me! :) Let me know if you find anything!!! 

Next, I'm thinking about making ribbon wands for our exit from the church! I think they look so fun and it's something different! I'm kinda sick of the bubbles offense :)

Anyone want to help me make them?!?! Haha!

I am also trying to figure out table numbers! I wanted to do something creative, like I was going to put pictures of me and Travis at each age (ex: Table 2 would have pictures of us both at age 2), but then I realized that tables 9-18 would be TERRIFYING! I don't think people would want to eat looking at those awkward pictures of us! Then, I was thinking maybe doing meaningful numbers (i.e. 12=the day in February we got engaged, etc.) or I was going to put a picture of each month we had been dating (i.e. Table 1 would have a pic of our first month of dating)? But I don't know if I have a picture of us from every month of our relationship! So if you have any creative table number ideas, send them my way!

And finally, 2 recipes I'm making this week! I just got the latest issue of Cooking Light, and it was FULL of yummy recipes I want to try!

 Here's last Sunday's:

And tomorrow night, I'm planning on making this:

Have a super rest of the week!! :)

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