Sunday, January 8, 2012

An eventful past few days...

Oh HEY friends! :)

The past few days have been CRAY CRAY

Let's start with Friday....oh dear. 
School was SUCH a doozy! 
Here is a breakdown of the day:

1. Had a 2 hour meeting and didn't even teach pretty much all morning!
2. Came back to my classroom after meeting and found I had a new student-SURPRISE! Ahhhh
3. I had to evacuate my classroom TWICE with my class to teach in the hallway because I had a little friend who was completely out of control...
4. Let's just end the day with this student being so out-of-control that he had to be carried out of my classroom (after dismissal, so no other students saw this-thank GOD) by not 1, but TWO police officers. It was the worst situation I've ever experience in my 5 short years as a teacher. I felt so helpless and, more importantly, I felt bad for the child. I am still have flashbacks and am seriously scarred from this situation. It was awful :( 

On a lighter note, while the police were in my classroom (typical), Travis was texting me about something VERY exciting....unfortunately, I couldn't focus on the news until everything had calmed down, but when I did, I realized 
WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! 
We started looking at houses in early December, and luckily for us, we found one we LOVED right away! We made an offer, the sellers counter-offered, we counter-counter-offered. And then we were STUCK--the sellers didn't want to come down any more. So our Realtor suggested we get an appraisal done early. If the house appraised for what the sellers wanted, we would buy the house for that price. If it didn't appraise, they would either have to come down on the price, or we could walk away. So that is what we did; the house got appraised Thursday, and we found out Friday that it DID appraise for what the sellers wanted! So now we are just waiting on an inspection (which we are doing a week from tomorrow and-fingers crossed-everything will go ok!), and then we close February 13! It has been a very crazy, stressful process, but I am sooooooo excited to be a home-owner and get out of this squishy apartment!!!!

Here are some pics of our new home:

Yes, we may have really liked that this house is Carolina blue, but we also LOVE how it is move-in ready and so bright and "new-looking" on the inside!! So exciting! I can't wait to decorate!!! :)

And finally (because let's just make this the longest blog post ever), last night we went out to celebrate Jillian's birthday! It was so fun to see all of my friends at my old school...I miss working with them! 

 The birthday girl lifting up the table!
Actually, they crank the table and it is suspended from the ceiling when they bar starts getting crowded--I was sooooo entertained by this! Ha!

Whew! What a weekend! If you made it to this point and are still reading, I LOVE YOU! Good job! 

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  1. your new house...just in time for valentines year after you got engaged!!! :)