Monday, December 4, 2017

Dating Anniversary Weekend

Can you believe I met Travis 10 years ago as of last Friday?! 
Every year we celebrate our "meeting" anniversary by having dinner at our first date spot, Alexander Michael's...and this year was no different!

This year was a bit different though. We had to have an early (and somewhat rushed) dinner, because we had ticket to the UNC vs. Davidson basketball game! They were playing in Charlotte, so we didn't even have to drive to Chapel Hill to watch our favorite basketball players! 

But, surprise! We got a MAJOR upgrade and had court-side seats!!!! I've never sat court-side for anything, let alone a basketball game to see the defending National Champions! Trav was on cloud 9, and I was pretty excited about it, too! 

Roy is my favorite. Ever. 

My parents said they saw us on ESPN, and you can kind of see the backs of our heads...I took this from the jumbotron! 

What an amazing experience and a great way to celebrate knowing Travis for a whole decade!!

The next night, we continued our little anniversary celebration by going to Trav's work Christmas party!

{side note: babysitters do not always make the best photographers 😉}

When we got to the party (after attacking the sushi buffet--from this place....omg it was so good!), we had one of Trav's coworkers take a better pic of us! 

Then it was time for the performer! They always get great people to perform at this Christmas party! Last year was T.I., 2 years ago was Jason Derulo, 3 years ago was T Pain....

{here we are waiting for the the corner on a couch like the old people we are!}

...this year it was 2 Chainz!

He was great! Except that I didn't know any of his songs. #IAMOLD. 

After a late night Saturday, I rallied and made it to church at 9:30 Sunday morning with this sweet girl.

We had to do a reading and helped hang some greens (holly and ivy) as part of our Wednesday morning story time group!

After naps, Santa was at our neighborhood clubhouse, so we had to go see him!

Ella did some crafts while she waited. Lucas tried to run away.

Ella was all about Santa this year, but Lucas? Not so much.

Bless his poor heart (and Santa's, too!). He hated all 32 seconds I made him sit on Santa's lap.

Ella couldn't think of what exactly she wanted for Christmas...but she managed to come up with a few things that, of course, I did not buy for her. Isn't that always how it works?!

A fun holiday weekend in the books! Next weekend we have even more Christmas stuff planned...I'm excited! 

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