Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Season Bucket List {Updated}

Christmas with little people around is seriously the best, and it's been a while since I wrote out all of the fun things we like do during the Christmas season around here. So, more for my own sake than anything's our list of Christmas traditions!
{Updated from this list!}

*Send Christmas cards

Y'all know I have a serious problem obsession with Christmas cards, so this is at the top of my list for a reason!! I'll share ours sometime next week if I can get my act together, but we sent them out last Thursday! They were organized by zip code (told ya, crazy girl right here) until someone dropped them all over the street. Hopefully the post office people were able to sort through them anyway ;)

*Have #lucasandellas12daysofchristmas on Instagram

Yes I am going this again this year! Although I may need to stop after this, because Travis said something about me having a problem with buying my kids too many clothes?! (What is he even talking about?!?!)

*Attend at least one Christmas tree lighting

This year we went to the one at Piedmont Town Center in South Park! 

*Have a pj and movies day

and along with that...

*Watch Christmas movies: Charlie Brown, Elf, Polar Express, Grinch and Rudolph

*Go to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree

This year we went to Circle C Tree Farm! Apparently there was a shortage of trees this year, so we feel very lucky to have gotten one! 

*Bake Christmas cookies

This year I plan on making:
-Orange Chocolate Chip (family recipe, can't find online!)

*Get new ornaments to commemorate our year (events/vacations)

This was a new addition last year (we had quite a few since Lucas was born)! This year was much more low-key...we've only added one new ornament and that was a souvenir from our trip to Curacao!

*Give to those less fortunate

This year, we bought a gift for a child off of the Angel Tree at the Y. I also helped sponsor a child at the local children's hospital. 

*Visit Singing Bear Orchestra uptown

*Visit Winter Wonderland at the Ritz

*Behave for our Elf on the Shelf, Marshall

That darn elf! And yes, his name is Marshall, like the Paw Patrol character (guess who named him that). So far I've remembered to move him. Only 16 more days to go!

*Attend a live nativity

Ok, so the church that normally does this isn't doing it this year! Sad times. So if you're in Charlotte and know of anywhere we can see a live nativity, please let me know!!! 

*Go to Gingerbread Lane at Ballantyne Resort

*Visit "the real Santa" at Black Lion

*See Santa at our neighborhood clubhouse

*Read part of the nativity story each day

We follow this schedule and read out of this Bible. I think it is a little bit easier for kids to understand than other translations!

*Go on our neighborhood hay ride

Last year I promise Ella loved it, even though she looks miserable here! 

*24 days of Christmas books

This is a new one this year and my kids are LOVING it so far. I had tons of Christmas books from my teaching days (sadly, way more than 24!), so I wrapped some of them up and every night before bed, Ella gets to chose one to open and read. I wrote the titles on the back of each I can save a certain book for a certain day (i.e., we will be reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve).

*Attend a performance of The Nutcracker

*Drive around to look at Christmas lights

My friend has an amazing list that she sent me last year. If you're in Charlotte, my favorite houses are:
*12725 Long Cove Drive
*10223 Summer House Court
*1007 Mapesbury Lane
and my favorite...
*7323 Sherwood Forest
(the owner dresses up as Santa, hands out candy canes and donates to St Jude's!)

*Christmas Eve: Church, book and new pajamas

This year Ella is getting these pajamas and this book; Lucas is getting these pajamas and this book!

Whew! Are you still reading?! That was quite a list....but let me know if I forgot anything!!