Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Favorite Things Parties

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending not one, but TWO favorite things parties!

If you've never been to a favorite things party, here is how it works:

You are basically Oprah (but poorer) and your job is to gift one of your favorite things to a few friends!
You spend a certain dollar amount, and buy the same gift a certain number of times. When you get to the party, write your name as many times as presents you brought (I.e., if you brought 3 gifts, write your name on 3 pieces of paper), and put those in a container, with everyone else at the party who also wrote their name on a bunch of pieces of paper. Then, everyone also needs to put their name once into another container. This will determine the order of who gets to be Oprah.

When your name is pulled, you present your favorite thing, and then pull 3 names (or however many gifts you brought) from the container where everyone wrote their names multiple times...and those people are who get your favorite thing! 

It sounds more confusing than it really is, promise. 

By the end of the party, you will leave with a bunch of friends' favorite things! 

The first favorite things party was with my Bunco girls at Sarah's house! For this party, we agreed to each bring 3 gifts, priced $15-20 each. I brought these Lilly Pulitzer tumblers with Starbucks gift cards...because, you know I love some Lilly and I def couldn't live without my coffee! 

And I left with 3 other girls' favorite things!

The next night was Kathryn's favorite things party! 

For this party, we each had to bring 5 $5-10 gifts. This was a little trickier price point, but I managed to find these pens...and all of you also know how I am obsessed with pens/writing/addressing Christmas cards. I actually bought an extra pack for myself, because I am a nerd and needed some new pens!

And I left with 5 friends' favorite things!

Not pictured is all of the fun we had while exchanging these presents and sharing our favorite things with each other!! I kind of want to do a summer favorite things party in June or July! 

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