Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I got a little out of control with presents for my kids last Christmas. So this year, I decided to reign myself in and only buy them 4 presents each (well, kind'll see in a second): something they want, something they need, something they'll wear and something to read

I finished shopping for them on Monday (thanks for all of the sales, Cyber Monday!), and here's a look at what they are getting:

Ella loves to put on shows and has been begging for some puppets, so I thought this would make a great gift for her! Confession: what she REALLY wants is more Paw Patrol stuff, but I refuse to buy anymore of it! I'm a mean mom, I guess. Leaving it to the grandparents to get her that stuff 😉
#YouKnowYourMomWasATeacherWhen... Yes Ella really wanted this! One of her little friends has it, so of course Ella needs it too.
Wear: Rain boots
....because she wants to jump in "muddy puddles," just like Peppa Pig!
Ella has been really into reading her Storybook Bible before bed, and we have read almost all of the stories in it. This book was highly recommended by some friends, so I think it will be a great thing to read every night!

Now clearly an 18 month old can't really say what they want, but Lucas loves anything with wheels and LOVES being outside. So this was an obvious choice for him this year. 
Bless Lucas's heart, he's gotten stuck with all of his sister's old bath toys. And over the years, most of those have gotten moldy (and been thrown away immediately when I see that mold! Yuck!). So this guy needed some new bath toys desperately. I tried to get ones where the reviews specifically said "does not mold!" I also threw in the puddle jumper as part of this, because, water. And he will really need that next summer (plus if we go to the indoor pool at the Y before then)! 
Wear: Romper
I swear, there are no more one-piece rompers after size 18 months! I love these things because they are so dang easy to throw on him in the mornings. I found this one an Amazon, but I am hunting for one or two more to give him!
Lucas is Little Blue Truck OBSESSED right now! We read Little Blue Truck (and Little Blue Truck's Christmas) every. single. night. So we need to add another book to the mix!

If you need more gift ideas for kids of these ages (3.5 years and 18 months), you can check out Ella's Amazon wish list here, and Lucas's here

As for me? I want: healthy kids. Always. I need: a new car. Ha! I can dream, right?! Wear? Ugh no idea...more Lilly stuff I guess?! And read...who has time to read these days, haha. 

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