Monday, November 20, 2017

Lucas William {18 months}

Dear Lucas,

Another six months have flown by yet again! I feel like your first birthday was just yesterday, and we were bringing you home from the hospital like a few weeks ago! Time is just flying by way too quickly...can you promise me you won't get any older for a while?! Pretty please?!

We have your 18 month check up tomorrow, so I'll update your height and weight after that. I have no clue how big you are at this point! You are mostly in 18 month clothes, but some of those are starting to get a little short on you! The longall you are wearing in these pictures is 18-24 months, and its a little big. So I'd say you are in between sizes right now, and gosh is it frustrating getting you dressed some mornings! But you can rock anything, too big or too small, and look super cute in it! 😉 You are still in size 4 diapers but I'm thinking we will go up to size 5s soon.

You receptive language has really taken off over the last few months, and you continue to amaze us with your news tricks. If we ask you to bring us something, 9 times out of 10 you will go get whatever it is and bring it to us. You know Daddy is the remote king around here, so you are always trying to hand the remote to him. And when you want to go outside, no matter what time or the weather, you go get your shoes and chase us around the house, begging us to put them on. 😊 

You LOVE being outside. You could look out the window for HOURS. Last week, we had some trees taken out and you were pretty much mesmerized the entire 8 hours they were here working! You also don't mind getting muddy or dirty one bit either. Such a boy!! Another super boy thing that you LOVE? Watching football with Daddy! It is the cutest thing. You climb right up next to him on the couch and just sit there with him and your snacks. If we say "Touchdown," you say, "GO!" and raise both of your hands up like the refs do when there's a touchdown. 

You're not talking as much as Ella did at this age, but I'm convinced its because you're a boy, and Ella pretty much does all the talking for you (we are working with her on not doing that as much)! 😉 You do say "Mama," "Dada," "Ella" (sounds more like "Aye-yuh"), "go," "some," "shoes," "up," "this," "that," and "baby." You point to anything and everything and say "dis? dis? dat?." You nod your head yes and shake your head no...both are equally hilarious and entertaining to all of us who are watching you! You can also make the animal noises for dogs, snakes, monkeys and cows. 

Speaking of dogs, they are your most favorite thing EVER. You loooove doggies!!!!! Anytime you see one, you make your woof woof sound and get so excited. If there's a dog on tv, you go running up to the tv and point to it excitedly! And I can get you to come to wherever I am in the house if I yell, "Look Lucas! A doggie!" 

You are constantly on the move and do not like to be constrained. I put you in the stroller the other day and you just about lost your mind. The only exception to the stroller-hating is if you are in it if I am running with you in the BOB (you love to wave at the cars!) or if we walk up to the park. You love to run, jump, climb...and give me a heart-attack at playgrounds everywhere when you climb up somewhere super high and then dangle over the edge! You have absolutely no fear, and when you do fall down (which is often because you're a crazy little daredevil!), you cry for .2 seconds before you're up and back at it! 

You have recently discovered Elmo and Mickey Mouse, and you are obsessed with both of them. If you see them anywhere, you start yelling and pointing! You just discovered Elmo is on some of your diapers, so every diaper change now results in you waving the stack of diapers around, trying to pick out the ones with Elmo. Ella has also gotten you hooked on Paw Patrol (UGHHHH) and I'm hoping your obsession is not as intense or long-lasting as hers is. I think she's brainwashed you ;) 
You still enjoy books like no tomorrow, but we can only give you board books because you've ripped up quite a few paperbacks. Whoops! We read Dear Zoo and Little Blue Truck just about every night. You can't get enough of those 2 books right now! 

You continue to eat and sleep like a champ! I'm forever thankful that we called that sleep consultant back in money I've ever spent! As for eating...well, you are a boy. You are constantly going to the fridge and/or the pantry, grabbing stuff out of it, and asking us to open it for you. It's not rare to see you walking around the house with the entire container of animal crackers. Since Ella doesn't eat anything unless its fruit snacks or mac & cheese, I'm enjoying your big appetite for gladly eat all of the food she doesn't want! 

Sweetest joy boy, I can't believe we are halfway through your second year already!!! You are my best little guy and I couldn't ask for a sweeter, happier boy than you! We love you more than you know!