Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving this year, and hope you did, too!

We started our day taking some pictures out front before the kids' clothes got messed up!

My parents had just gotten back form their vacation to New Zealand, so we opened the presents they had brought back while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

This one was quite a little stinker! He figured out how to climb onto the kitchen table...he did it about 20482 times on Thanksgiving. He also decided to spill the pretzels out everywhere! He is lucky he's so cute! ;)

We had the simplest table ever, mainly because I totally forgot to buy flowers! Whoops. Please notice Ella's candle in the middle there. She made it at preschool and it HAD to be our centerpiece! She was very proud. 

Travis and I made the majority of the food, but his sister helped out a lot when she got off of work (she's a chef)! 

We had:
-deep fried turkey (made by my father-in-law!)
-broccoli salad

Plus dessert! We had SO much food!!

Lucas loved EVERYTHING and ate a ton! Ella, as predicted, only ate a little bit of cornbread. 

After dinner, Ella decided to lead everyone in singing all of her songs from preschool. 

And we took more pictures of everyone!

My mom and I decided to go to Target that night to see if they had any good sales.

They didn't really, but I did get a new coffee maker for 50% off! 

We also hit up the mall the next day and found some good deals there!

After we got back from the mall, Trav and I took the kids to the mountains to pick out our Christmas tree!

Ella wanted to get this big tree! She loved measuring all of the trees with her pole.

They couldn't find our tree (it was SUPER crowded), so we got to go for a ride on one of their tractors to look for it! 

They eventually found it, and we made it back to Charlotte with our tree by 4 PM! A busy day for sure, but so much fun with my little family! 

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