Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend!

We had quite a busy weekend!! 
(And, I hardly took any've been warned. Sorry!)
First, my mom came to town with her fabulous friend, Pam, on Friday. All of us went out to eat Friday night at Midwood Smokehouse

Omg, best BBQ EVER. It was amazing....and I was so excited to finally eat it at like 9PM that I totes forgot to take a picture of it!! 

So, I found this pic online, which is pretty close to what mine looked like, mac & cheese and all....


After falling asleep from a food coma, I woke up Saturday morning and my mom and I went shopping!

First, we hit up the fabric store (twice...and Target also twice)to find fabric for pillows that my mom is going to make for our new couch! After looking, literally ALL day, I finally found some fabric I liked that looks like this:

Hopefully, the pillows will look something like this:

Right Mom?!?

If you missed the post about my new couch and me contemplating what to do with our family room, click here!

We also went to Lowe's and found some new curtains:

I'm hoping they will pick up some of the Carolina blue in the pillows, since y'all know that's our fav color! Hopefully, everything will come together nicely...I am so bad at putting things together! Haha!

I said goodbye to my mom Saturday night, and sadly, this was the only pic I took of our time together! Guess we were too busy shopping!

Sunday, I woke up in a terrible mood because:
a. It was Super Bowl Sunday
b. We had to go to a party at Travis' friend's house
c. Said party was an hour away in the next county
d. I had waaayyy too much sh*t to do around the house
e. I was going to be up wayyyyyyy later than my 10:00 bedtime
f. I was not feeling well

Is that enough reasons?!?!

Anyway, my sweet husband felt bad, so he went out and bought me flowers! LOVE. HIM.

But of course, we went to the stupid party. An hour away. And it ended up being fine. I ate LOTS of food, so that always helps. Of course, there was that stupid power outage....

...which drove me NUTS, because I could just see my already late bedtime getting later and later! Luckily, some of our friends left at 10, so I made Travis leave, too! He was so mad....if you know my husband, you know sports are a serious matter and he DOES NOT miss the biggest football game of the year. Guess he must love me! We got home just in time (for him) to see the last few plays. I couldn't even tell you the final score because I was already asleep. Super Bowl 2013 WOOHOOO. (See also: I am old and lame.)

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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