Monday, February 11, 2013

Some New Things....

Well, last weekend, my mom was here and this weekend, Travis' parents came to town!

Travis and his dad watched UNC lose while the girls went to shop!

I also got to meet my new nephew (Travis' sister's dog!), Danny!!! Isn't he so precious?!?!?!

He basically wanted nothing to do with me hahah....look at the terrified look in his eyes! But I still love him!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner at 1900 Mexican Grill with Trav's parents and got fajitas!

They were soooooo good!!!

On Sunday, I went to about 893 stores in search of pillows for our family room....but that whole situation needs its own post {coming soon}!

The pillow hunt was not so successful, but what I did buy were some new decorations for spring! (I don't care that it's only February 11! Close enough!)

I couldn't find a wreath I liked, so I just made this one...

I may or may not provide a tutorial soon...

I also channeled my inner Yolanda H. Foster (aka the Dutch Martha Stewart) and got some {fake} lemons to use as vase fillers!

Last, but certainly not least on my "let's buy lots of new fun things" extravaganza, Kate Spade was having a MAJOR sale last week (of course she was) and I just HAD to buy this bag that I had been eyeing since SEPTEMBER 2011! That's almost a year and a half!!!! So, clearly, I needed to buy this bag!

OMG, I'm sooooo in love with it!!! 

And then, I realized Kate didn't have my newest email addy (I made a new one when I got married)! Did you know that if you add your email to Kate's address book, you get 15% off your next order?! Well, I couldn't use it on the bag above because it was part of that surprise sale, but I could use it on this next guy that I've been wanting for when we go to Italy....

And it even matches my comforter!!!

So, no shopping for me for a while...or at least no more bags!!!

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