Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social: Valentine's Day

Happy Sunday! Mine is extra happy because I don't have to go to work tomorrow!!!

I'm linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for a lil belated Valentine's Day action!

1. Best Valentines Day you’ve ever had: Probably 2011, when Travis proposed!

2. Worst Valentines Day you’ve ever had: I can't really think of one...I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person, but any holiday that involves the color pink can't be bad to me!

3. What did you do for Valentines this year? We were super low-key, which I LOVED. I made NY strip steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, and chocolate covered strawberries for Trav and I. We broke out our china and some serving dishes that we haven't used yet (oops, we've been married 8 months)! Trav bought me a sweet card and my fav kind of wine :)

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single: Get together with other single ladies (did you start singing Beyonce?!), go out to dinner, get manis/pedis and have a girls night! 

5. Favorite Valentines Candy? Reese's peanut butter hearts!!

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood: I loved having those class parties every year, where you got to make a little mailbox for your valentines!
How cute are some of these?!?!

We aren't allowed to have any holiday parties at the school where I teach, and it makes me sad! These kids are missing out!!!

Hope you have a great (and hopefully short) week!!!!