Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pillow Problems

Pillows are taking over my life. OMG. may or may not remember I mentioned previously buying new, white couches and trying to find some fun pillows to go with them! 

Here is our family room before....and don't worry, we have since bought a matching white loveseat to replace the ugly leather one.

Anyways, my mom came to town and we picked out some (I thought) super fun fabric and my mom was going to make pillow covers!

Well, she mailed them to me last week...and when I opened them up, I started crying. 

OMG, they SOOOOOO don't match! 

All we had was a tiny swatch of fabric and it didn't have any of the lighter red and orange in it, so I thought it would match the rug (based on the tiny swatch we had) and instead, it looks awful! This is why I'm never decorating any room ever again.

After crying to my mom for half an hour, the next day, I went to about 3 Targets, 2 Home Goods, Pier One, Belk, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and everywhere else that sold pillows and bought approximately 294732875487932 pillows. 

Here's a small sample of what I bought:

Then, I kept returning some, and seeing others that might work, then I'd return those and buy more. Today's the first day since last Friday I have not been in Home Goods. I think they know me by name...

Travis was about to check me into Pillow rehab, but I think I finally got it! 

(PS-ignore that bowl on the table, I realize I need to get something new!)

I tried to ghetto-ly (if that's even an adverb) put up the curtains, so you can see how they might look with the pillows....

Did I do ok?  We obviously need to paint this room a different color...the yellow is too jaundiced for me! 

I'd take any of these....

{well, maybe not the navy blue or sage green}

Decorating is exhausting....I can only imagine what *fun* painting will be!


  1. Lol!!!! Mindy, you did a fab job with the pillows! With the sofa being white, picking the right pillow was super important! Lol @ pillow rehab! ;-)

  2. I love them Mindy! Enjoy those white couches before you have kids that destroy them, haha.