Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Of course I have to write about all of the things I am thankful for...sorry for the cliche post!

I am thankful for...

{my amazing husband who always makes me laugh}

{my parents}

{and my whole, big CRAZY family}

This would be us....hahaha

{the best "in-law family" EVER!}

{the most incredible, supportive, FUN friends ever, both here in Charlotte and all over the country}

{my "Tailgate Family"...and the fact that my husband's favorite team has pretty colors!}

{our beautiful home}

{my job....sometimes. The kids can be cray, but I honestly LOVE 90% of the people I work with!}

{speaking of which, I'm SO thankful for our literacy facilitator, who spent the last few days in my room, leveling and organizing ALL of my books!! Now they are all ready for the kids to go "shopping" for their level!}

{the wedding of my dreams....I just wish I could do it again....and again...and again...}

{the ability to run...although maybe not right now--I'm still sore!}


{all of the babies EVERYONE I know is having! Seriously, I'm glad y'all can figure out the prego thing and then pass your tips (and fab maternity clothes) along to me when the time comes!}

....and I'm thankful for some shallow things, too (Dad, you can stop reading now!):

{my iPad}

{Whole Foods and $2 WINE Tuesdays!}

{entertaining television}


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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