Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween/Bobcats Game/Carrie Underwood

It has been quite a busy week!! Even though I was old and lame last time, I had lots of fun in this past week!!

First, we had our first Halloween in our new house...which meant trick or treaters!! We ended up having TONS (about 95% of whom I am positive do not live in our neighborhood, but whatev) and I actually ran out of candy! Whoops!

We also got to spend the evening with this little tiger...

{gahhhh, my friend has the cutest baby ever!}

Friday night, we went to the home opener for the Charlotte Bobcats. It was our first Bobcats game being married and they won (p.s. if you are not aware, they had, um, like the worst record in the whole NBA last year, so them winning a game is few and far between!)!!! So I think we were good luck....

{you can't see the score--stupid iPhone camera--but it says they won, I promise}

Our favorite baby was also in attendance, complete with mustache pacifier...

Doesn't this pic just make your heart smile?! :) 

Then on Saturday, my friend Steph and I went to see Carrie Underwood!!!!! So amazing!!! 

Unfortunately, my zoom on my camera is broken, so I didn't get any super close pics!! But we were in a suite, so our seats were amaze!

{singing with Hunter him!}

After the concert, we went OUT. And I mean, OUT. So, I mostly spend Saturday nights on my couch, maybs having a glass of wine or two. Well, Steph is my little social butterfly friend, who also used to work at a real club here in Charlotte, so that is where we the CLUUUUB....

OMG, y'all. It was a far cry from my couch and $2 Chuck. 
We even got to go in the DJ booth (Steph knows people)...

And then ended the night at Mattie's Diner, which had the most amaze breakfast food! Please note the menu item titled "You Might Be A Redneck" hahaha...

Sunday was spent recovering!! 
And I haven't done anything fun since! 

(Unless you count the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills exciting; which, in my book it totally does)

10 days till my marathon!!! Feel free to send your positive thoughts my way!!!

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