Monday, October 29, 2012

You Know You're Getting Old When....

...your idea of a fun (and I'm not even being sarcastic!) Friday night involves TCBY, wine and helping your friend do laundry :) 

...your "fun" Saturday night consists of a sleeping husband and doing 4 hours of report cards (seven hours total, people! Those bad boys took FOREVER!)...

{all photos taken at like, 10PM}

...your whole Facebook news feed consists of people in their Halloween costumes (or their kids in Halloween costumes) and you're not even upset that you didn't dress up OR go out this year. purposely stop on your run to take a picture of the pretty fall trees...

...carving pumpkins might be the most fun thing you did all weekend...

{the drill terrifies me!}

...and you can relate to any or ALL of the following:

Well, I'd love to continue searching for more applicable ecards; however, it is time for this old lady to go to bed! 

So what we learned today is...I AM OLD.

And I promise, next time I'll be more interesting!!! 
(Those darn report cards have just taken over my life lately!)


  1. Bahahaha I love every thing about this post & can totally relate!! Especially cards 1, 3 & 4! Bring on the froyo & wine I say and long live the saturday night nap on the couch :)

    PS - your pumpkin is so CUTE!!! Love!

  2. omg i am totally old too!!! but you did not look like you were having fun carving that pumpkin!!