Monday, October 22, 2012


OMG has it really been almost THREE WEEKS since I've blogged?!?! YIKES!!!!! I am sorry friends!!!

Part of it is because I really haven't been doing anything that fun....but I dug up some pics for you to recap the last three weeks....

We attended another (shocker!) UNC football game. Although this one was WAY more sunny than last time, and included Tarheel Pop tarts!

{It was a white out! Obvi!}

Oh, AND we saw Ramses on the ride home! He was going back to his home on the farm!

{Travis took the pic, I was sorry for the poor quality!)

The next weekend, I decided to run 20 miles, oh ya know, just for fun. 
Ha, I kid. (Unfortunately, not about the 20 miles, just about the part that it was for fun!)
Never, ever running a marathon again. 
Mark my words!

I really did run the full 20--promise! My phone just died the last 1/2 mile, so annoying!!

{Travis also made me a yummy dinner that night!!}

Anyway, after that stupid, almost THREE hour long run, my knee started REALLLLLLLYYY hurting!! So now, I have been diagnosed with having torn ligaments and have to cut my remaining mileage before the marathon in half! So no more 20 milers for this girl, I just hope I don't lose all of my endurance in the next 3.5 weeks!

Then, my poor dad had surgery on his foot last week! So I went to my parents' house to spend some time with them!
He is doing ok, but getting around in this sweet roller-walker-thingy! 
{I know you are jeally of Tom!}

Poor guy....he can't even drive till like January! Also, poor Mom, she has to take care of him till then!

 Fortuntately, we DID get to have a family icing party! I know, you wish you and your dad were this cool!

Between his right foot and my left knee, we are a pretty busted up family! And it's all due to running!!!  I should have stuck to swimming! (Although my rotator cuff is also torn, so that's not a much better option!)

So, see? Nothing too exciting! I promise I will be more exciting next time, though, and not wait another 3 weeks till my next post!!!!!

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