Monday, November 12, 2012

Marathon Prep

Ahhhhhhhhh I can't believe my marathon is this weekend!!! Seeing as I've been thinking about this race since JULY, I am so glad it's almost HERE and I really can't wait for it to be OVER!!!

Unfortunately, my stupid knee is continuing to hurt, and I seriously hope I can make it through the 26.2 miles!!!

I went on a little shopping spree yesterday and got some some stuff....

I decided to try out that KT/Rock tape that I had heard a lot about...especially during the Olympics. 
I bought the Rock Tape, because it is thicker than the KT tape, plus you cut it into what size strips you want (the KT tape is pre-cut). Then, I went to the company's website and they have a whole bunch of videos showing you how to tape! It was surprisingly pretty easy to tape up my knee!

After its taped, you must apply friction so it will stick. The lady at the store told me to use my hair dryer, so that is what I did!

And voila....BONUS, you can shower with it on and everything! It stays on for up to 5 days!

Then, I put on my running pants right over the tape, and completed my look with my cool new blue knee strap, and then just for extra precaution, I put my old knee strap on my "good" knee, which has been starting to hurt lately as well! 

Also, please note in my hand the Clif Shot Blocks that I thought I should try...apparently, that is what they will be giving out at aid stations toward the end of the race, and I wanted to make sure my stomach could handle them and that they wouldn't make me cramp up! Good news: they're just like big gummies and had no negative impact on my tummy :)

So after ALLLLLLLL of this prep, I ran a whopping TWO miles on the treadmill! (My plan said to run 3 today, but I have been doing a little less bc of the knee pain!) 

And wouldn't you knee still hurt :( 
Not as bad as usual, but I mean, I only ran 2 freakin' miles!!! 

So here is me now.... 

I will say that I think the tape helped, but I might also tape my ankle (also hurting) and the side (in addition to the front which I taped today) of my knee on race day!

And I'm popping the anti-inflammatories like crazy this week!!!
Any other tricks I need to try to help me survive the 26.2?!?!?!

I think the lesson we all can learn from reading this entire blog post is DON'T RUN A MARATHON. That's all.

If I am alive/not in the hospital having knee surgery, I'll be back next weekend to let you know how it went!!!! :)

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  1. Ahh I am sorry your knee is still hurting! I will send good vibes your way and pray it gets better! Good luck, you can do it!!! :) :)