Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend...10 Days Later

Oh gosh...I can't believe I am just now getting around to writing about our Thanksgiving! I am so behind on life!!! We had a crazy weekend this past weekend....which I will write about at some point, but until then, here are some pics (and commentary) about our first married Thanksgiving!

We spent the holiday at Travis' parents in Chapel Hill. My parents were able to drive down from Virginia and be with us too! 

Travis' dad deep-fries the turkey every year and! 
Seriously, if you've never had deep-fried turkey, you must try it ASAP!!

Also, fortunately for us, Travis' sister is a CHEF, so she basically made all of our food (minus the turkey)! The moms each made a side dish, but the rest was all Caitlin!!! Everything was SOOOOOOO delicious!!!

The next morning, my mom and I got up and did our annual Black Friday early morning trip to the mall! We are not as cray cray as some people, but we did get there about 6:30 AM. Unfortunately, I really did not find any deals. I think most good sales started Thanksgiving night, but I was too stuffed then to shop!

Saturday, we went to the last (THANK YOU JESUS) UNC football game of the season!!! It was sooooo freaking cold!!!! 

When we got home Sunday, it was time to decorate the house!!! 

I realize you can't see the candles in the bottom windows, but I have since fixed the problem :) 

Now, we are working on the tree....we got a real one this year and it is a MAJOR project!!! I don't think either of us has sworn so much in our lives at one object. HA! I'll post pics soon when it's done!!!

Until then, I'll just relax by my current favorite candle....:)


  1. Hi Mindy! I HARDLY EVER read blogs, but I love yours! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. Wow, your Thanksgiving sounds so delicious! I was at that UNC game too and yes, it was so cold!!!