Sunday, August 19, 2012

A {mini} Home Makeover!

Wellll, friends. Travis and I have been super busy these last few weeks of summer getting some new things for our house...because we've only lived here for 6 months. 
(I was kinda busy earlier this year teaching children not to pee their pants while planning a wedding!  No time for la casa. Sorry, I'm not sorry.) 
So now, we're just now beginning to "decorate." Although I'd hardly call it that...we still have A LOT of work to do! But our little house is starting to come together!!!

You may remember our dining room set that we bought with some of our wedding money...well I finally put all of the china/platters/etc. in the hutch and here is the finished product:

You like?!

Moving on to the next room (because this IS a home makeover, not just one room, silly), I give you the new canvas picture I bought to go above the couch:

Nothing maj, but I like it....this room still needs a MAJOR overhaul!

The entryway also got some new thingys (courtesy of Home Goods, I probably went there every other day--no exaggeration--over the last few weeks!)

Moving on to the family is the photo wall I just put together with all of our fab wedding pics! Plus this guy FREE from (where else?!) Pinterest! Go get one!! Quickest, easiest, cheapest DIY project EVER!

I also added some accents to the mantle, including honeymoon pics!

Next to that, some of you who have been to my house in real life may remember that we had yet another tv, for all of those times Travis needed to watch two sporting events simultaneously. (I was too embarrassed to ever post a picture of that on here!) Well, I am happy to report that our family room is no longer a sports bar and the second tv has gone upstairs into a spare bedroom!!! In its place are some cute shelves with (you guessed it) more pictures!!

(and, yes, those would be our wedding cards, still in the birdcage from our wedding)

Now we go upstairs--oh yes, there is more!!!
We had been wanting a king size bed for a while, so we decided to get one when Macy's had a huge mattress sale a few weeks ago! We also had so many gift cards from there, that our mattress ended up costing us less than $800!! :)
We also snatched up all of our furniture for this room from Ikea when the Hemnes series was 20% off! 
Just call us bargain hunters :) 
Although, I'm pretty sure next time we buy 5+ pieces of furniture, we will buy it from somewhere that doesn't make you assemble it all yourself! I heard plenty of choice words from Mr. Carpenter while he was putting everything together!! 

The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn...I had wanted it since forever, so I caved and bought it....and the 3 matching Euro sham covers that sales lady told me I needed to buy. I'm such a sucker. Sales people love me. 

Here is Trav's dresser... 

and mine... 

and then a close-up of our wonderful bed can barely see those darn Euro shams, but they were worth it, I promise!! :)

We still obviously need to paint the room, and get some curtains. But I am happy that we have the major stuff (furniture and a color scheme) done!!! 

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