Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Ivy Place!

I wasn't kidding last week when I said I was still going to do Wedding Wednesday posts, even though my wedding is over!!

Today I am taking a break from my obsessive Olympic watching to tell you about an amazing venue and experience I recently I had!

It all started about a month ago when days hours after returning from my honeymoon, I was sad about my wedding being over. I contacted my AMAZING photographers, seeing if maybe they could help me find an outlet. They set me up with Page from Sweet Carolina Weddings, and told me about this event they were planning. 

Enter The Ivy Place

This place is a hidden gem in South Charlotte. In the words of my photographers: 

"There are no less than 33 acres of gorgeousness to play with. If you’re planning a wedding or a photo shoot and looking for a place that oozes Southern charm it’s a must-see! There really is nothing else like it in the Charlotte area.

As you enter The Ivy Place, you’ll see the historic home, built in 1850, perched on a hill. With it’s sprawling front lawn and oversized rain porch, the house is really just the beginning of all the goodness you’ll find. Take a stroll around the property and you’ll spot a beautifully manicured garden nestled on one side of the home that leads to a charming brick-paved patio along the back. With three different barns spread out across the property, wildflower patches scattered throughout and some old  billowing oak trees thrown in the mix, the possibilities are truly endless. Beyond that, Terry and Genie Graham, who own the home and land, are super sweet and awesome to work with."
So...I got to help with the Grand Opening for this fabulous venue!! 

I'm still waiting for Matt and Leslie's profesh pics, but here are a few I captured on the good ol' iPhone!

{I helped paint that "Cocktails" sign!}

{Yummy food provided by Melanie Rowe Catering}

{Recognize that bird cage? It was our card box!}

{The BEAUTIFUL house!}

{We got the owner to take us on a golf-cart tour of the whole property! Gorge!!!}

I had SUCH a blast with these 2 ladies! 

They just started their own wedding planning business, Moxie Studios! We got along so well, that they asked me to help them with some of their weddings!


I am so excited to work with Laura and Jennifer, as well as help out Page again, with upcoming events!

Don't worry, I'm not quitting my teaching job any time soon, but I am really loving this whole event/wedding planning thing! I can't wait to assist these wonderful ladies on the weekends! :) 

If you need a wedding or event planner for something you have coming up, let me know!! 

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  1. That is so fun...glad you were involved. I love wedding wednesdays!!